December 6, 2022

Lapta Municipality Cycle Tour

By Margaret Sheard

It’s that time of year again when out come the bikes and off go the cyclists on the Lapta Municipality Cycle Tours. These events have proved to be 3.very popular in the past and on Saturday 2nd November a large group of cyclists gathered together for a tour which started in Lapta then to Karşiyaka, to Lapta and finished in Alsancak.

It was a lovely sunny day and there were about 120 cyclists who turned up for the tour which was 20 km long. As well as local cyclists there were 34 ex-cyclist champions from Turkey who had come over to join the tour.

You can see the Mayor of Lapta, Fuat Namsoy, 1.wearing a pair of funky sunglasses which were presented to him by the Cycle Organisation of Turkey – very smart too!!

As usual the cycle tour was a great success and we can look forward to many more tours in the future, so look out for news of the next cycle tour and many other events in Lapta and other areas plus local and international news and reviews on and its community sharing partners’ websites and forums.

To see more of the cycle tour have a look at the following slideshow.

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