June 30, 2022



Girne American University Continuing Education Centre (GAUSEM) is shaping your future through various personal development, hobby and ability courses.

It is emphasized in the statement related to the topic by GAU that as well as personal development, the purpose of the courses of certification and education on EU standards is to share the scientific knowledge of almost 30 years with the GAU logo smlcommunity and to provide the individuals with new hobbies to eliminate a stressful life in a modern community.  It was underlined that the purpose of the programs is to eliminate the modern life oriented stress of the individuals and it was remarked in this statement that the programs, which are continuing with the “Take up a hobby leave out the stress” slogan, had been moved to the GAU Cyprus-Karmi Campus of Girne.

Among the life courses, education will also be provided by Advanced Psychological Counseling Skills, Basic Psychological Counseling Skills, Special Training Skills, Sustainable City, Environment and Tourism Program, KPSS Preparedness Program, Yoga Course, Latin Dances Course, Practical Garden and Planning programs, and an Amateur Maritime and Shipping course. Also the Basic Psychological Counseling Skills and Practical Garden and Planning programs will be in English.

GAUSEM will provide language courses, sport courses, life courses, education of communications, computer courses, computer program educations, exam preparations, business and management, dance, music, painting and maritime courses. Detailed information about GAUSEM courses can be found in www.gau.edu.tr web address or through dialing 650 20 00 via 1144.  It was emphasized that the people who want to join to the programs could apply to the email address gausem@gau.edu.tr.



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