February 4, 2023

TFR – Ten-Pin Bowling Tournament –



By Margaret Sheard  –  Photos by Ralph Kratzer

Around 20 of the TFR members gathered together at the King’s Leisure Centre in Girne for their monthly ten-pin bowling tournament and as usual we wDSC00030ere a mixed nationality group of British, German and Scandinavian people.

Richard (Brad) Bradley does a good job of sorting us all out into teams and we were soon at our respective lanes ready for the battle of top country.    We were 5 in our team – England and unfortunately for some reason our scoreboard and bowling pins were not being kind to us and eventually we were moved to another lane to finish our game.  All of the other teams had finished so they haDSC00039d to then wait for us to complete our second game before the scores could be worked out.

Eventually we finished our game and joined the others to hear how we had all done this time.  We didn’t think we had done too well and were amazed to hear that we had come 2nd, so well done to our team – Keith, Jacqueline, Margo, Chris and myself.

Brad was busily totting up the scores and the results of the October tournament were as follows:-

1st – Sweden with a score of 588
2nd – England with a score of 510
3rd – Germany with a score of 460
4th – Euro team with a score of 437DSC00028
5th – Scandia team with a score of 375

The highest female scorers were:-
1st – Britt Marie with a score of 261
2nd – Terrace with a score of 192
3rd – Lena with a score of 135

The highest male scorers were:-
1st – Brad with a score of 265
2nd – Ralph with a score of 241
3rd – Horst with a score of 219

Brad advised us that the plaque was now full and Heinz approved the purchase of a new plaque which should last for another 6 months.   It would be nice if England could be first on the new plaque so we will have to try really hard at the next tournament, which is to be held on Wednesday 13th November.

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