June 29, 2022

Lapta Municipality Cycle Tour

By Margaret Sheard

Berke Ertopaloğlu is getting back in his stride again with his brilliant organisational skills and has informed us of another of the Lapta Municipality Cycle Tours which is to take place on Saturday 2nd November.

The meeting point will be at the Lapta Municipality at 1.30pm and the start of the tour will be at 2pm.

Cycle tour - 400

The tour is to be Lapta / Karşiyaka / Lapta.

If you would like to hire a bicycle this can be done from the Akcan Cycle Shop for 20TL but please let Berke know by Thursday 31st October by phoning him on 0533 834 9878.

So it is time to get out the bikes and spruce them up ready for another cycle tour, which should be very pleasant at this time of the year.

2 thoughts on “Lapta Municipality Cycle Tour

  1. why do they pick days of big functions! I would love to do this but it’s the day of the Poppy Ball!!!!   Jenny

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    1. Hi Jenny. Yes, I agree, there are always things that clash. Some while ago RBL had a big meeting to try and overcome this by bringing other charities and organisations together to agree a forward plan diary. A good idea but it seems this has been forgotten and in some cases people will only do their own thing.

      We are constantly encouraging people to put their events in our Weekly Events Calendar, which is also shared with our community sharing partners. That way everyone can see what events are being held and when.

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