March 21, 2023

Thank you from the Aziz Kent family –

John Aziz Kent’s comments

By John Aziz Kent

Dear Mr Chris Elliott,

My family and I would like to thank you and Margaret Sheard for all the good you are doing regarding the Chateau Lambousa Hotel and Mr Serhat Akpinar’s determination to revive the Kingdom of Lambousa through its redevelopment to become Le Chateau, a 5 Star Hotel and centre of the new face of tourism in North Cyprus in 2014.

John Aziz Kent sml
John Aziz Kent

Once again the whole of TRNC should thank Serhat Bey for what he is doing as he was the first one to start the GAU University In Cyprus and now with his long vision,  the Chateau Lambousa is coming back to life for every visitor to Northern Cyprus and indeed our own people to come and admire this beautiful building and gardens as they are already doing so before its completion .

All this and plus more is happening with the co-operation of Girne American’s first University in CYPRUS and the Celebrity Group of Hotels which were also the first Cypriot Turkish built hotels in Cyprus despite all the difficulties imposed from the whole world when they were started.

Thank you Serhat Akpinar, Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard.



For our readers, please follow the links below to to read more of the redevelopment of Chateau Lambousa, Lapta by Girne American University – GAU

 Le Chateau
Le Chateau
Le Chateau taking shape
Le Chateau taking shape

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