February 4, 2023




A protocol has been established between GAU and the Public Services Commission regarding providing questions for all levels of teacher examinations in the GProtocolAU Rectorate Building.

The protocol was signed upon the participation of the Chair of the Public Services Commission – Kamil Kayral, GAU CEO and Vice-Chancellor of Board of Administrators – Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi, while PSC member – Gürsel Selengil, PSC Executive Manager – Tuncay Yalçuk, Vice-Rectors – Prof. Dr. Sadık Ülker and Assoc. Prof. Dr Zafer Ağdelen, attended the signing ceremony of the protocol.

The protocol signed with regard to teacher examination, will include questions holding topics of general teaching knowledge and common branches. The questions which are to be used by GAU will be for a two year period and will be kept strictly confidential before being provided to the PSC. PSC Chair Kamil Kayral has stressed that PSC intend to regulate and alter the question banks.

PSC Chair, Kamil Kayral, who underlined comments with regard to the protocol stressed that they aim to enable transparency in public examinations and eliminate ambiguities in examination procedures, thus Kayral stated that there will be an amendment in the medium of style, technique and security. Kayral further stated that there are more new projects which to be undertaken with GAU and also stated that in the near future they will require to use GAU computer halls for computer based examinations.

Kamil Kayral - Public Services Commission (right) and GAU CEO and Vice-Chancellor  - Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi
Kamil Kayral – Public Services Commission (right) and GAU CEO and Vice-Chancellor – Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi

GAU CEO and Vice-Chancellor of Board of Administrators, Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi, also reported following the signing of the protocol that until now there has been no other similar public services co-operation of any other university and added his appreciation to Kamil Kayral for eliminating unfair competition. This protocol, as Asım continued, should be a leading content in future co-operation which ought to be undertaken amongst the State and the Universities. Furthermore, Vehbi commented on the insufficient trust of the public towards the state recruitments, he added that this protocol will ensure more transparency and trustworthiness which will be acknowledged by the public. Vehbi finally stated that GAU are more than ready to commence a co-operation with the State.

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