June 30, 2022

“TOPARLANIYORUZ” or Blue Cap Campaign

By Chris Elliott

We have written a number of articles to tell our readers all about “TOPARLANIYORUZ” which is both an association and a campaign to help others by collecting blue plastic  caps which are passed  on for recycling for which a donation is received to purchase and supply wheelchairs for the needy.

The campaign starting around one year ago and 13 wheelchairs have been purchased and distributed to people that need them as at the 19th September 2013

The “TOPARLANIYORUZ” blue cap campaign operates in the following way : 

Please collect your blue plastic caps off your water bottles and bring them in to the office of Citizen Advice Cyprus on the right hand side of the road on the way up to Bellapais Abbey.

Every little bit helps so let’s start collecting and see if we can make a contribution towards a well needed wheelchair !

The Toparlanıyoruz Movement launched its “Blue Cap” campaign to provide Lets all keep on collecting and giving.free wheelchairs for those disabled persons in need through the collection of recyclable plastic bottle tops. (The plastic caps of all bottles such as water and coke, and milk and juice cartons all count, not just the ones coloured blue!)

Within days, tens of thousands of plastic bottle caps were brought in to the Movement headquarters in Nicosia from all over the island. The campaign continues to grow in scope and speed in 2013. In order to reach a wider public, special collection bags where bottle caps can be dropped-off have been placed in Gloria Jean’s Coffee-shop franchises in Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta, Ezic Restaurants and several other places like book stores, clinics and dormitories.

Toparlanıyoruz volunteers tried to spread this message further by publicising the campaign on TV and Radio channels. We believe that all those who live on the island, (including ex-pats and even tourists) can make a serious contribution to this campaign and look forward to their support. For further information on how you can assist this campaign, please call 0392 227 99 93 or send an email to info@toparlaniyoruz.org”

Pictures speak louder than words so we have shown a slideshow of some of the events and activities that have led to the latest splendid news and these pictures can also be seen on our community sharing partner’s North Cyprus Forum by clicking here.

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