August 9, 2022

Girne American University

New Era in Maritime Education


The Higher School of GAU Maritime and Transportation Deck Department emerges to be the dominant maritime Higher School through the accredtitation of YÖK and YÖDAK and now with the certificate of merman training by the Sea and PictureInner Waters Directorate of Transportation, Maritime and Communication Ministry of TR

The report from GAU stated that in line with the achievements gained by means of the Maritime, the “Natant University” project is also continuing with full potential. Following the retrieval of the application and training fleet, the project will be commenced and furthermore the project will introduce school skilled mermen to the world of maritime.

Higher School of GAU Maritime Plenipotentiary by Turkish Republic Transportation Ministry

GAU reported that as well as the undergraduate interns continuing in their intercontinental seas and international waters, the Higher School of GAU Maritime Plenipotentiary by the Turkish Republic Transportation Ministry has also been published in their official web page.

GAU also underlined that the recognition of the GAU maritime diploma by the Undersecretary of the Turkish Republic Maritime Ministry and Sea Affairs is an opportunity to the graduates for their careers.

3 Simulators, Training Pool and 2 Stations Will Begin to Serve in TRNC

It is emphasized in the statement that, besides shipping, course and first-aid laboratories which take part within the Maritime and GAU Training poolTransportation College at the Techno Park of Girne American University, Cyprus-Girne Campus, the deckhouse in a 120 m2 area, GMDSS and Liquid cargo handling simulators, with the fire and advance fire station and the Marine Safety which is established outdoors, training facility and training pool, will make an important difference on Maritime education. Education on Maritime will contribute the TRNC as the marine country following the development in the Natant University project.

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