December 2, 2022

Kervansaray Public Beach – Kyrenia Beaches are clean!

By Ralph Kratzer

Kervansaray Beach_2The Municipality of Kyrenia renewed the Kervansaray Public Beach during winter and spring and opened it again for public use some weeks ago.

Due to the restoration and rearrangement of the facilities the capacity of the beach was increased and is now able to provide service to up to 280 guests at the same time.

Kervansaray BeachIt is said by the Kyrenia Municipality Press and PR Department, that during the summer season an adequate number of personnel including a lifeguard and a gatekeeper are working at the public beach.

The coffee-bar on site,  serving food and beverages, is open every day between 8am and 8pm.

Kyrenia beaches are clean!

EnterococcusAnalysis reports of the sea water, which has  been taken from 5 different points in and around Kyrenia by the State Laboratory and Microbiology Department on behalf of the TRNC Ministry of Health, showed that the water quality is in line with EU standards. The samples were taken from the Dome Hotel, Kasgar Court shores, Missina Restaurant shores, Kervansary public beach and Karakum public beach and tested for the E.coli-bacteria and the Enterococcus faecalis bacteria.

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