July 3, 2022

Danger: Big dogs are no toys!

DangerBy Ralph Kratzer

All people who know me, also know my dog ​​Laika. We were an inseparable pair. For me it was not only a pet, but a year-long friend and also a member of the family.

Last Sunday, July 14th 2013, on our daily morning walk through the mountains of Alsancak my dog was attacked by a free-running dog, a Mastiff, out of the blue and without any warning.

In an attempt to stop the attacker, I myself – a man 1,80 m tall and powerful build – was pulled down. When I was able to raise up again the Mastiff had bitten into my dog as in rage. I was able to pull back the aggressor, but he had, within a few seconds, already injured Laika so badly that the vet, who I reached at her private home and ripped out of sleep, was unable to help any more. We had to save the dog from further pain and suffering and put her to sleep.

The Mastiff was also euthanized at request of its owner (because it was not the first time that the animal was aggressive). This, just a few minutes after my dog´s death, may be regarded as a certain act of justice, but it did not make my Laika live again!

Every normal pet owner will understand that I am heartbroken about the loss.


Therefore now my appeal to all owners of large dogs:

Be aware of your responsibility as a dog owner! A large dog is not a toy, but under certain circumstances can be a mortal danger!

If your dog is prone to aggressive behaviour towards people or other animals, you never should leave your property with the animal without having him/her on a leash, or supplied with a muzzle!

Each dog, no matter what breed it is, can develop to a companionable friend with the proper training and especially socialization in the puppy age. I know what I am talking about as I had a Pitbull for several years. This dog breed, as we know, is reputedly the worst. But he was an angel. Highly sociable with people and other dogs and never ever aggressive! Anyone who had known him would have confirmed that under oath.

But if a dog is kept on the chain or in a kennel from a young age on and not properly educated, it is a ticking time bomb. For a small dog aggressive behaviour is even bad, but usually not dangerous, not life threatening. Unlike large dogs! A bite in the right place, whether in humans or animals, can be fatal.

If a dog has already bitten once, it will do it again! In such cases, an animal has to be euthanized to protect the people and especially children against it!

Do you have a large aggressive dog in the neighborhood? Do not hesitate to remind the owner of the existing danger. Possibly even the police have to be called in order to get the owner to be inspected or warned.

On Sunday it was “just” a dog that was killed, what will be when the same happens to a small child?

I would not like to be in the shoes of the owner, because I believe that the justice authorities over here are understood to take these things very seriously!

To remember my poor dog Laika – click here and click here

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  1. Hi there – please pass this onto Rauf.

    We were so sorry to hear about your very sad loss.

    Kind Regards   Jenny and Kim

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