February 6, 2023

“Handing over a more Livable Country and a World to our Children is a Holy Duty”

The Cyprus Child Foundation – CCF has published a press release for the 1st of June World Children Day and emphasized the protection of children’s rights, and life struggle of those children under natural disasters and economic underdevelopment.

Vice-Chair of the Foundation, Olgun Üstün has emphasized in regard to the 1st of June World Children Day that, despite the legal rights of the children under Children’s Rights Communiqué, there is still physical abuse, sexual harassment and cheap labour present. Üstün also underlined that child SONY DSCrights must be revised in legal terms in the TRNC and the world and be regulated accordingly to new living conditions. As the defender of child rights CCF has the holy duty of handing over a more livable country and world to our children.

The aim of the foundation is to defend and protect the rights of children under international laws and undertake required approaches to prevent any contrarian behaviors against children. Üstün also emphasized that the foundation holds future projects; studies on family and child and “Family and Child Research Center” as a reinforcement for the studies, preparing and presenting child oriented publications like “Child Agenda” and “Counseling Board of Child Health” under the aim of building social awareness as social responsibility.

Üstün underlined that healthy and modern societies are based upon love, respect and brotherhood and children socializing in this structure. Furthermore it has also been stated that for a healthy community and  future it is a must to care about children and their rSONY DSCights. The foundation will pursue the aim to bring children in the community by referring to them as individuals. CCF is ready to take part in any social responsibility project along with all cumulated knowledge for protecting child rights, expressing and securing relevant laws.

Üstün invited all relevant parts of the community to support a better world for Child Rights all over the world. Üstün finally celebrated the World Children Day for all children around the world and wished a better world for the children, lastly emphasizing that CCF will continue to work for a better world.

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