July 7, 2022


 TRNC quotas have been announced by GAU Performing Arts Department for the 2013 fall academic semester under the slogan of “Time to Dance”.

GAU has announced that the Performing GAU DanceArts Department have complied with accreditation and quotas of the Council of Higher Education and Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Co-ordination Centre. The entrance exam will be held on 5th of June 2013, Wednesday at 14:00pm in GAU Performing Arts Studios for the 2013 academic year fall semester

GAU has announced that the Performing Arts of GAU  commenced education in the academic years of 2009-2010 and since then have been granted the 2010 “Success Awards” in The Best Academic Award of Performing Arts Faculty and subsequently in the years 2011-2012 and 2013 have been granted the dance champion awards of Turkey as well as ranked in good positions for the international contests. GAU has also stressed that the Performing Arts Department is conducting education with European Union and world standard academic staff, infrastructure and dance studios and will open quotas for TRNC citizen student candidates for the spring semester.

Limited Quota for 2 and 4 year Undergraduate Departments

GAU has further stated that there will be a limited quota for 2 and 4 year undergraduate departments. It has further been emphasized that students who graduate from 2 year programs of Performing Arts department will have the chance to continue their careers as a Member of Dance Group, Soloist, Acting Director, Choreographer, Body Movement Expert, Reformist Researcher on Dance Theories, Dance Researches, Performance Studies and Dance Criteria, Counseling Director on Art Organizations. For those students who will be graduates of 4 year programs they will have a chance to be a Professional Dance Trainer and Dance and Art Director in Primary schools and high schools and also a Reformist Researcher on Dance Theories, Dance Researches, Performance Studies and Dance Criteria.

Further information please see www.gau.edu.tr or dial 1454 via 650 20 00.

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