December 6, 2022

Television News from BRT

By Can Gazi

On my show A Cup Of Conversation this Saturday (left) Can Gazi and Dawn Büyükertaş (right)the 25th of May, I have the lovely Dawn Büyükertaş joining me in the BRT FAMILY studio.

We talk about her singing career and her busy life here in North Cyprus. We will also get the chance to hear her sing live, so be sure to tune in at 4.30pm on Saturday. Enjoy

On Sunday 26th May at 1.00pm Cyprus time, my colleague Engin Dervişağa has a fascinating interview  on his great Vox Pop (left) Engin Dervişağa and Brian Self (right) show with Brian Self who is a professional painter and recently had an exhibition in the Saçakli Ev (Eaved House) in Lefkosa and he is now starting to prepare for his next exhibition in 2014.

Engin visited Brian at his house and workshop in Alsancak recently, so do tune in to learn more of this man and his very creative life.

This show will also be repeated on Tuesday 28th May 2013 at 1.00pm local time.

Do join us on BRT Family for those great weekend TV shows!

To go direct to Bayrak Family TV to watch these shows at Cyprus local time click here and if you want to learn more of Bayrak Radio and Television  click here

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