December 2, 2022

GAU Nursing Week


Nurses Week was celebrated at GAU Millennium Senate Congress Hall with events organized by GAU Higher School of Nursing.

Speeches for the event were given by health experts and nurses. Besides the nursing students there were also head nurses and authorities of the TRNC health institutions who participated as guests.

Dr. Neşe Gül Orçun made the opening speech for the event and further explained about the Nurses week to the effect that it is been celebrated all over the world and a new topic is being emphasized each year. This year’s topic is “To meet the deficit and development plans”. Orçun has also stressed that Florence Nightingale is the core of nursing and that nursing was an initial field for healing women and later developed into a professional occupation. In this respect Orçun has emphasize that Florence Nightingale made a great effort to develop this field into a professionNursing week presentation and stated that the movement of professional nursing commencing in Turkey was a significant role played with regard to history and the development of nursing.

Further in her speech Orçun stressed that Florence Nightingale had underlined that “A more livable world will not be offered to us whereas we will contribute to build this world”. We must also lead the way to develop in this sense. Not only Florence Nightingale but many other nurses had held the lead in this profession and more are following this path. More of you young people who will contribute to the development of nursing will increase in numbers gradually.

Dr. Gülten Sucu Dağ, who also participated at the event as a speaker, further stressed upon this year’s topic and explained in depth for the participants. Dr. Gülten Sucu Dağ stated that this year’s topic is “To meet the deficit and annual development plan”.  She further explained that the annual development plan had Florence Nightingale replacebegun in the year 200 and was accredited by the United Nation’s program. This had been set into an application with 8 targets and 18 aims. We should reach all our targets and aims. One of the most significant aims is to reduce child mortality. There are approximate results calculated by averaging the ratios amongst developed and developing countries. HIV virus has also caused 2% of child mortality. There were also results from the reports of Turkey. The majority in the South East is creating attention. This region holds the lead for child mortality in Turkey. The most necessary regions seeking maintenance and service require such reports, results and statistics. To provide services based on these reports will reduce the  percentage and prevent the mortality.

Specialist Mehmet  Yaşar Kocabaş defined nursing as a profession further and explained more to students about relevant attitudes and rules that are musts of the nursing profession. Kocabaş also defined nursing as a profession and also stressed that “ Nursing is further defined as a mental activity which forms relation amongst information, an art which requires still and fine touches and a profession which can be referred to as science. We can also define the science of nursing in line with theory, implication and research. Implication in this sense acts as a catalyst. Theory helps to understand the problem. Research, on the other hand; shows the path for solution by travelling beyond the line. Nursing yet becomes eternal with these three. These relate to form Nursing”.

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