January 27, 2023

By Margaret Sheard….

I recently had a request from Pamela Hedge who was the Karpaz Committee Member for the British Residents’ Society a few years ago. Pamela and her husband Michael returned to the UK some 2 years ago and they have now sold their house in Buyukkonuk which involved removing some of their personal items. There was a large quantity of books which Pamela and Michael wanted to donate to a charity.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible for charities to be able to collect some of the items donated and as Buyukkonuk is somewhat distant, Mehmet from NCCCT said he would be pleased to take the books if we could collect them. We agreed to collect the books and deliver them to the Heartbeat shop, where Mehmet met us the following afternoon to transfer the books to their stockroom.

Mehmet noticed there were some very interesting books and we had also found when packing there were books on sailing and nautical topics which was one of Michael’s interests and there was also a lot of literature which stems from Pamela’s interest and involvement with education and travel.

There is probably something amongst this treasure trove of reading matter to attract a lot of bookworms so it may be worth a visit to the Heartbeat Shop when Mehmet has had a chance to sort through the many bags of books we left with him.

It was a nice day out for us and we met up with Michael who had come over to North Cyprus to finalise everything, so it was nice to see him again.

Thank you to Erdener Supermarket in Karakum for their kind donation of a wad of carrier bags to enable us to pack all of the books for transportation. We ended up with quite a lot of bagfuls which just about took up all of the available space in the car.

We had one little hiccup on leaving Buyukkonuk when we noticed one tyre was a little flat, however with the kind assistance of the local garage and a foot pump we managed to get air in the tyre and got home without having to unload the boot to access the spare wheel.

So, thank you to Michael and Pamela Hedge for their kind donation to NCCCT and all the best for the future in the UK.

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