February 4, 2023

Provide the Wordless with Word Power

We have received the following information from a member of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC who would like to help people who have to make speeches at some time or another and find this a difficult task. There are many people who do have a flair for words and this is an opportunity to help those who do not have this talent. Lena Holfve is anxious to put together a database of speeches and if you think you can help her why not get in touch.

The mission is to provide the wordless with word power!

By Lena Holfve

We are facing a huge power shift in the world where solar energy in particular will mean that the former “poor”Lena Holfve countries become energetic and we are working hard right now to create a truly just world.

Myself, I shall enter into a project where I’m going to write teaching materials for rapid online teaching of children all over the world to read and write because I am a combination of teacher and author.

Recently, I created my blog called “Save Sweden now” http://www.radda-sverige.nu and I had 100,000 readers a month, I have driven them to a blog that talks about how to produce food and how to prepare it.

Many will laugh and understand the seriousness of the matter, namely that the rich world is moving towards extreme poverty and the poor world goes against extreme wealth.

So what has this tologo do with my insight with http://www.speechmart.com

 Your mission is not to write speeches or tell people that you can. Your mission is to provide the wordless with word power and what you do is to give them the power of words.

I’ve been running this service in Sweden for 11 years, and I know from experience that we save the lives of people who have to make a speech with very little warning and who cannot write and have no idea where to start!

Just as the earth is now going to be a fair society, I want to help the wordless to get the power of words and therefore I start this service globally in English, but it depends on you to start writing seriously now.

We have around 100 speeches and we need to have 600 before we start. There are many categories of speeches including weddings / birthdays / funeral and corporate speeches etc. I want to open soon for we are needed. We have 41 speechwriters already but need to have around 100 so please tell your friends about the project.

If you would like further information or would like to discuss how you may be able to contribute to this project please contact Lena by email on: office@speechmart.com or lena@holfve.se

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