January 31, 2023

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC – TFR

 Food Lodge –

Paradise for breads, cakes & sweets

 by Ralph Kratzer

P1000494Several weeks ago I met just by chance two young ladies, one of them German, who promised to open a new bakery in Girne with German specialties like pretzels, dark bread and a kind of doughnuts, called “Krapfen”, you normally can only get in my homeland……

Of course I was very interested in this and heard a couple of days ago that the bakery had now opened. So I made my way to Çatalköy to have a look at this new location.

P1000490Indeed, I found the shop about 300 meters out of town after the Tempo Supermarket on the right hand side.

When I entered the store it looked like one of those cosy bakeries I knew from my childhood. And then there was the sight of freshly baked goods and those aromas….!

P1000496Sonja and Latifa, the owners of the bakery, offer a wide range of British and German baking specialities and of course my girlfriend and I immediately had to try some of this…. it was delicious!

You can have a rest on the terrace in front of the shop, enjoying a cup of coffee and seducing your palate!

P1000492The bakery, where all these goodies are produced, is small but clean, with up to date equipment. Sonja and Latifa try to use, as far as possible, only local or Turkish raw materials.

Sonja, coming from Hamburg in Germany, has been a media specialist working for TV stations. Latifa, born in Morocco but grown up in England, is a trained cook, food technologist and nutritionist. They met in Dubai where they both worked for years in different businesses. Friends who relocated from Dubai to North Cyprus persuaded them to take a holiday over here and then the idea was born to establish a European style bakery over here…. congratulations on this bold step!

At the moment they are in contact with the Lemar Supermarket chain to offer some of their products in their stores.

So, dear readers, keep your eyes open! Visit the bakery in Çatalköy or, whenever you see bakery products with the Food Lodge label, try them…. I don´t think you will be disappointed!


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