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TRNC News Today – 15th April 2013


Stating that all the steps taken for the integration of the TRNC into the globalization world are supportive, President Derviş Eroğlu said that; “I am ready to make the necessary contribution to improve the democratic rDervis Eroglu (2)egulations in order that the macroeconomic system will work better”.

Delivering a speech to a panel organized by the Ministry of Finance at the Merit Crystal Cove Hotel Congress Center titled “Turkey and TRNC Economies and Capital Markets in the Light of Globalization” President Eroğlu said that the globalization is as old as the history of mankind and since the first ages it has been tending to fall out of the inhabited areas of mankind.

President Eroğlu stated that the new dynamics in the Cyprus problem lead to the co-operation path of mind and continued: “This is the 50th year of the Cyprus problem and the 45th year of the solution negotiations. The new dynamics that are emerging lead to co-operation of path of mind. The Greek Cypriot side’s exploration of natural gas by declaring an exclusive economic zone and finding some natural gas have added new dynamics to the process. Even if the natural gas was found right now, the cheapest way to sell and consume is possible through Turkey, which has been proved by  academic research.

Therefore the cheapest choice is co-operation. Otherwise a result can come out that puts an obstacle to exploration of the natural gas. On the issue of the natural gasAhmet Davutoglu 3 which we are part owners of, we have always displayed a constructive stance with the foresight of co-operation. Unfortunately the Greek Cypriot side has always turned their back”.

President Eroğlu stated that TR Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoglu’s recent statement regarding the Cyprus problem is very positive. Eroğlu continued that negotiations have not started yet and the two proposals made by the Turkish Cypriots have been rejected, so these results make the Turkish Cypriots look for alternative ideas.

Expressing that it is time for the negotiations to start by setting a time limit, Eroğlu stressed that it is impossible for the negotiation process to continue 45 years more as it has already been continuing for 45 years. 


Delivering a speech at a workshop titled “2013 Planning the Future of North Cyprus” organized by the Eurasia Economic Affairs Association at Ilci Hotel, Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports, Mutlu Atasayan, stated that as Turkish Cypriot  people they are aware of the value of having such a motherland as  Turkey.

Pointing out the relations between the TRNC and Turkey are vital, decisive and stable, Atasayan said that the relations between the countries are not based on a benefit.

Stating that in adMutlu Atasayan‏ education minister smldition to education and tourism which has been  chosen as the main sectors in  development, investments in health, transportation, press and communication sectors are continuing, Atasayan said that, these investments are improving the Turkish Cypriots’ power.

Mentioning that the most important sector pioneering the development is education, Atasayan stated that in order to reinforce the image of higher education of the island, the foundations and facilities of the universities are improving day by day.

Expressing that a title of ‘Education Island for Cyprus gives pride, Atasayan said that education is being provided in different faculties of the universities in Cyprus.

Pointing out that the higher education has very much contributed to the improvement of the ability of competitiveness and the growth of its economy, Atasayan continued; “There are students from 90 countries mainly from Turkey and also Azerbaijan, USA, Russia, England, Iraq and Iran. Each student is important in terms of the recognition and promotion of North Cyprus as a cultural ambassador.    


Honorary President Ahmet Necati Özkan and member of the Board of Directors Özbek Dedekorkut representing Cyprus Turkish Tourism and Travel Agencies Association (KITSAB) are going to attend to 46th Congress and General Assembly of Universal Federation of Travel Agents Association (UFTAA).KITSAB

KITSAB Honorary President Ahmet Necati Özkan made a statement  that they made an application a year ago for being a host country for UFTAA Congress and General Assembly.

Özkan pointed out that the place and date of the congress which they made an application for being held in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) will be determined by members of UFTAA General Assembly who will be newly elected in the General Assembly to be held in Kuala Lumpur and added that they will give extensive information on North Cyprus tourism to the delegates and lobby in this congress.


Leader of Democrat Party, Serdar Denktaş, stated that if Greek Cypriot authorities accept 50% partnership with the Turkish Cypriots, he is ready to find investors to bail out Cyprus Airways and make it a common property of both communities in the island.

Serdar Denktas smlIn his written statement, Denktaş underlined that the main way to overcome the economic crisis of South Cyprus is to find a solution for the Cyprus problem which has been continuing for 50 years.

Within this framework, Denktaş also stressed the importance of developing relations between the two communities.

Moreover, adding that there is not any difference between  the condition of Cyprus Airways and Cyprus Turkish Airways, Denktaş said that there is an opportunity for both communities to develop their relations.


According to the Greek Cypriot Newspaper Filelefteros, theGold Bars Anastasiadis government will sell 14 tonnes of gold which was bought in 1960 and transferred to Greek Cypriot Administration Central Bank after the 1963 Greek Cypriot attacks on Turkish Cypriots. It was reported that the GCA has to sell excess gold reserves to raise about 400 million Euros to finance its part of the bailout, however, it is not known if the Greek Cypriot Central Bank will approve this sale.

The newspaper noted that DISI Deputy Leader Averof Neofitu confirmed the selling of the gold reserves in order to raise about 400 million Euros to meet the financial needs.

Source TRNC Public Information Office

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  1. On the point concerning the bailout of Cyprus Airways, surely a condition has to be direct flights to Ercan Airport as a very minimum whilst clearly adding pressure on south Cyprus to recognise their neighbours politically and in all other respects!

  2. The suggestion that south Cyprus may seek to sell off some of its gold deposits is also deeply flawed and there is recent precedent to endorse this view. Between 1999 and 2002, British Chancellor Brown sold off 60% of Britain’s gold stocks and raised about $3.5 BN. By 2011, the value of this stock would have been $19BN! Giving advance notice of intentions to sell could have a negative effect on the market whilst for south Cyprus, like Britain, you can only sell your assets once!

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