December 6, 2022

Travel News from Chelsey Village Times

We are pleased to share with our readers travel news received from our friends at Chelsey Village Times.

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“It is reported that when travelling to Cyprus you are limited to taking €500 cash or the equivalent in any other currency when flying into Larnaca, any more than this will need to be declared and there is a chance that it will be confiscated.

Problems may occur at the south border before entering the North.

There is no problem in the north of the island.”

If any of our readers can add any further news of the currency restrictions they encounter when arriving through Larnaca, please add you comment, name and email address in the comment box below for the benefit of our other readers.

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  1. Brilliant Chris, How do you get the newsletter like that in to pages, would love your help if possible! Thanks, Tony

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