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TRNC News Today – 9th April 2013



Greek Cypriot Minister of Finance Harris Georgiadis expressed that the economy of South Cyprus was facing hard times.Harris Georgiadis

According to Greek Cypriot radio RIK, Georgiadis who gave a speech at the Assembly Finance Committee stated that the public finance will run out this month.

Georgiadis pointed out that they haven’t any Plan B and added that implementation of the memorandum and existence in the Euro zone and the EU are not matters in question.


Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said: “The steps to be taken for a solution of the Cyprus problem will also help Greek Cypriot administration in overcoming the economic problem. It is necessary to consider with this vision. If the Greek Cypriot side did not vote ‘NO’ to the plan in 2004, there would not be an economic crisis in South Cyprus today. Developing economy of Turkey will bring prosperity also for Greek Cypriot administration”.

Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoğlu and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland Eamon Gilmore had organized a joint press conference following their meeting.

Replyingto  the question concerning Turkey and EU relations, Davutoğlu said:

“In plain words, when the negotiation process started, our expectation was that it would be completed in a short time and that no other politicaAhmet Davutoglu 2l problem would hinder the process. Unfortunately, 2 basic topics have interrupted the process within the last 9 years. One of them was the Cyprus problem. 8 chapters were suspended in 2006 for the reason of the Cyprus problem, finalizing of other chapters have become impossible. However the Turkish Cypriot side voted ‘YES’ in the referendum held in 2004, and Turkey had encouraged for a ‘YES’ vote.  The Greek Cypriot side voted ‘NO’. Unfortunately, despite the negative attitude of the Greek Cypriot side, Greek Cypriots have become an EU member;  the Turkish Cypriot side was isolated and excluded. As one problem caused by this still continues, although all members agree, 8 chapters cannot be opened. The second reason is the supplemental limitations. These two situations caused 2, 5 year delay. We have not opened any chapter for 2, 5 years”.

Responding to the question ‘Do you believe that Greek Cypriots will take a serious step for  peace?’ Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said that the attitude of the Greek Cypriot Administration’s newly elected leader, Nicos Anastasiadis, towards the solution of the Cyprus dispute is disappointing, although the Greek leader had given positive messages to Turkey regarding efforts to end the decades-old division of the island through talks, and Davutoğlu added ‘the stand taken by Anastasiadis’s government after the election has caused great disappointment. ‘TRNC President Mr. Derviş Eroğlu called on Anastasiadis to arrange a meeting as soon as possible and sent him a letter. Everyone has expected Mr. Anastasiadis and Eroğlu to come together; yet, reactions from the Greek side give the impression that this will not be possible in the near future’.

Minister Davutoğlu also stated that Anastasiadis was currently focused on solving its economic problems however the Greek Cypriot Administration approached the resolution of the Cyprus conflict cautiously when they were Nicos Anastasiadespolitically strong. Davutoğlu added that, when the Greek Cypriot government is politically weak, she asked for more time to strengthen and start negotiations with the Turkish side but it is a necessity to solve the Cyprus Problem as soon as possible. Davutoğlu noted that solving the Cyprus problem could also positively affect the economic challenges faced by South Cyprus.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu pointed out that if Greek Cypriot side has said ‘Yes’ to the Annan Plan in 2004, which the Turkish Cypriot side did, they wouldn’t have to fight with the economic crises now. ‘We hope that Anastasiadis will take action in accordance with messages he gave before the election’ said Davutoğlu and called on people not to be suspicious of the intention of Turkey and Turkish Cypriots for the resolution of the Cyprus problem and added that an immediate solution would benefit all parties.

In relation to the energy resources, Davutoğlu directed criticism at the Greek Cypriot government, saying not solving the energy resources issue did not benefit Greek and Turkish sides.  Davutoğlu said energy reserves could be used both by Turkish and Greek Cypriots in a peaceful way if the two sides sit for talks together. “If they say, ‘the south belongs to us and the north belongs to Turkish Cypriots,’ then they should talk about a two-state solution for the problem,” said Davutoğlu.

The Irish Foreign Minister, Eamon Gilmore, said Ireland has been a staunch supporter of Turkey’s EU accession, adding that the Irish presidency of the Eamon GilmoreEU felt an obligation to move Turkey’s membership process forward.

In response to a question on the attitude of Greek Cyprus for the resolution of the Cyprus conflict, Gilmore said the Greek Cypriot government was now focusing on their economic problems, adding that he hoped that the Greek Cypriot Administration would be able to look at the big picture as they solve their economic problems.


 Ist University Sports Games of Organization of Economic Cooperation will be held in the TRNC between the dates of 15-20th April.

 571 sportsmen, trainers and managers from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan are coming to North Cyprus for Ist University Sports Games. Also about 70 sportsmen from the North Cyprus universities are going to participate in the competitions and represent the TRNC.  The sportsmen will compete in 8 branches namely; Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Wrestling, Swimming and Athletics.

Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports, Mutlu Atasayan, held a contact meeting Mutlu Atasayan‏ education minister smlabout the First University Sports Games at the Ministry yesterday.

Stating that the Turkish Cypriots are being kept under embargoes, Atasayan said that, especially in sports, serious problems are being experienced and in order to overcome these problems many works are being done.  Atasayan said that this is the first sport organization arranged by the Organization for Economic Cooperation.

Giving some information about the Organization for Economic Cooperation, Atasayan stated that there are 11 member countries of the organization and reminded that last year the TRNC was accepted as an ‘observer member’.

Stating that TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TR Ministry of Foreign Affairs had started  joint work after this membership, Atasayan said that; “Work has been done for a long time in order to start the sports activities in North Cyprus. Therefore this organization is very important in terms of the recognition of our country”.  Expressing that North Cyprus is experiencing difficulties while arranging these kinds of organizations, Atasayan said that: “We had the contact meeting late because South Cyprus tries her best to prevent the participation of  other countries in the organization in North Cyprus”.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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  1. Where will the sports events take place for the universtity games and is a program of events available?

    1. Hello John, yes what good news it is and you can rely on us to break the news of location and availability of the programme ASAP.

      Did you know that North Cyprus will be hosting the World Taekwondo GTF Championship on 25th-30th June 2013 and we will bring news of that as soon as we can.

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