February 4, 2023

Hair cuts all round!

Is it a short back and sides??

By Chris Elliott

Short back and sides - Wikipedia picture
Short back and sides – Wikipedia picture

One can only feel sorry for the individuals and businesses in South Cyprus that are faced with enduring losses to their finances and well-being for perhaps many years ahead.

As the news of the bail-out deal unfolds and the harsh realities start to surface, it would seem from the reports on the internet that it is a short back and sides and not a haircut that is the order of the day.

The fallout from the Cyprus financial management fiasco is now said to be impacting on Greece as well so the future is very uncertain and the saga is sure to rumble on.

To read the full story from the Wall Street Journal, click on the link below:

Cyprus Takes New Steps to Secure Aid – WSJ.com.

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