February 6, 2023

Eyes of the world on Cyprus

By Chris Elliott

It’s been busy here in this past week with yet more press and media people wandering round our fair North Cyprus asking what people think and feel  about the Cyprus Financial situation.

Excuse me whilst I pinch myself, is this not some form of recognition that those peaceful folk who live in a non-existent, sorry non-recognised country, do actually exist? Why should they bother to come here, the fact is we live in a divided island that has two states and two economies and one of them is called  the Cyprus Republic which is in deep trouble even with an EU bailout.

So what of North Cyprus, well despite its depeView of Harbour 2011ndence on Turkey for financial support, we have been seeing dramatic signs of change and a modern country developing despite the unfair handicaps (embargoes) the world has placed on it. It’s about time the international community woke up to the fact that two wrongs don’t make a right and  settle the problem they allowed to happen without any more bluster and support for a dead issue.

Cyprus is an island but then so is Ireland and both are divided so it’s time not to live in the past, but to look to the future for co-operation and harmony which leads to growth and prosperity.

This is a personal view perhaps but the following comment may be more appropriate “They have to learn to forgive and forget the past.” To read the source please follow this link.

Cyprus crisis: fears reach across ‘dead zone’ of divided island | World news | guardian.co.uk.

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