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Trevor’s Tips April 2013

By Trevor Hughes

 British Summer TimeClear clock with black numbers and hands

 Just a quick reminder, British Summer time commences on Sunday morning 31st March at 01.00 when the clocks go  forward [1] hour .

 Seat Belts

Fines for not complying with the Seat Belt Law are now in operation. We are told that Police Authorities will be enforcing the Law and fining people for non-compliance, as well as adding penalty points to the offenders licence. Yes, I know what’s going through your minds!!!!!

Having being called out to a road traffic accident forRear Seat Belts Dagli Sigorta the other week, I duly processed the accident claim for their customer. Being a little concerned that the air bag system of the car did not activate itself [which should have come into operation due to the nature of the accident], I asked the technical team to test the car’s air bag system, for fault. They reported no fault was found with the system. The reason the airbags were not activated, was because the driver was not wearing the seat belt at the time of the accident. Modern cars that have seat belts fitted by the manufacturer, will only come into operation, if seat belts are worn and clipped into position whilst driving. Non-compliance may also invalidate your insurance policy.

Private Health Care Discount

Nobody wants the expertise from the health provision anywhere in the world, but one is grateful should the need arise. British people are used to the British National Health Service, just popping along to their GP, or going along to their nearest hospital, for free consultation and/or treatment. Well, we are not in the UK; we are in the TRNC where health treatment comes at a price.

Although there is a State provision here, the service available does have some shortcomings. For example, nursing care is tantamount to no more than the administration of medicines. Patient personal hygiene is down to the patient’s visitors, although clean bed linen is supplied by the hospital. There may also be a language difficulty, as the staff sometimes struggle with English and the EnHealth careglish struggle with the Turkish language! Having said all that, there is a reasonable level of patient satisfaction in the way hospitals administer health care here. But here comes the rub. Aftercare follow up. Well if you like going for your follow up consultancy very early in the morning, sitting in what is nothing more than a “bear garden”, the State System is for you. Of course, although paying for the treatment is much cheaper than that of the private sector, the fact is that we have to pay something towards the cost, which is almost alien to us.

Having said all that, Dağli Sigorta is now providing a health care discount scheme for their customers with one of the most respected private hospitals in the TRNC.  

Dağli Sigorta is pleased to announce, they have successfully negotiated a 15 % discount scheme with the Kolan British Hospital in Lefkosa for their customers who have taken out any of their insurance products.

The hospitals facilities are of a very high standard and can cater for most of the medical needs, whether as an inpatient, outpatient, or routine testing facility. They also have an excellent GP system, dental and optical facilities and also include an Accident and Emergency Department. The hospital is also offering Dağli Sigorta’s customers a FREE 24/7 emergency ambulance and it is always on hand if there is a need for urgent hospital attention. To Dağli Sigorta’s customers there is no charge for this facility as it is now part of the insurance packages, at no added cost to policy holder. If the discount scheme had been in existence a few months ago, one of Dağli Sigorta’s customers would have saved herself £1050.00 on her knee replacement bill!!!!!

The discount facility is strictly controlled and monitored to ensure only Dağli Sigorta customers can reap the rewards of this benefit, which is via a Company membership card.


I was recently called out to a reported “break in” for one of Dağli Sigorta’s customers.

This customer is a “swallow” and is out of the TRNC for several months at a time. The Dağli Sigorta customer care service swung into operation and took all the necessary action to overcome the problem. The police were alerted, photographs taken, cct camera posterand an inventory of items stolen were all logged. In no time at all, the window, which was used as the “break in” point, was repaired and the house made secure once again. It was a good job he/she was insured by Dağli Sigorta, because unlike some other insurance companies they were insured, even though they have been out of the country for several months. Whilst all this was going on, the customer was kept fully informed, by e-mail and all will be settled and returned back to normality before their return.

It is most important that you make your house as secure as possible when you are away for some time to avoid a similar experience! Thieves are opportunists and the more inconvenience to thieves, the less likely they will break into your home. After consulting with the Police Authorities in Lapta, placing a sign outside your home, informing people that you have a CCTV system fitted and in operation is a good way of putting people off entering your home illegally.

For you to make a successful claim from your insurance provider, you will need to produce invoices of the stolen goods, in support of your claim. Can I recommend that you always request a receipt from the shop/business when Security camera imagespurchasing any items of household furniture and keep the receipts in a safe place just in case they are required at some time in the future? Otherwise your claim for stolen items may well be refused, as the insurance company will need proof the stolen item[s] were purchase by you.

Your insurance provider will require you to  obtain a police crime report in support of your claim and you will need to go to the main police station in Lefkosa after a few days, for collection. The cost of the report is by way of 42 TL stamps which the police will stick onto their crime report. Dağli Sigorta will undertake this for you, avoiding you even more stress!

See here an example of the sign you could display outside your property. These can be purchased from most sign makers for as little as 25 TL.

Insurance Fraud

You may have read in recent newspapers, that there have been several cases of insurance fraud between certain garage owners and some police officers.Photo of damage

Insurance companies have paid out large sums of money for accident repair which never happened! Dağli Sigorta has asked me to inform all my readers that such fraud has never taken place with them and never will. Their system will never authorise any claim, whether for a motor vehicle or property damage without a thorough investigation and supported with photographs of the said damage.

Recent Storms

Last Friday 22nd March, Northern Cyprus experienced some of the Secure Housemost severe storms for at least a decade.

Dağli Sigorta received several insurance calls from distraught customers and within forty eight hours all reported damage was fully investigated, processed and photographs taken. The following Monday a full report was sent to head office for processing and repairs will be completed within the next seven to ten days, the most urgent being repaired first.

Make Your Home A Secure Place to Live or Holiday

Having undertaken a home security exercise with a security expert, I quickly realised how vulnerable our homes are. It Keep it securewas not long ago that burglary was rarely heard of here, but now, breaks-ins are commonplace!! The need for our vigilance is more than ever an everyday need. After only a short while, our security expert assessed what was needed to make this home more secure. For only £160.00 his recommendations will make the villa more secure and will be more of a deterrent to burglars. The Lapta police are extremely happy that Dagli Sigorta is offering this service.

This free service is available to all Dağli Sigorta customers, and is without any form of obligation.

MOT Testing

Readers should be aware, the charge for a new MOT is MOT Test Centrenow 124 TL. This represents almost a 20% increase from the last rate!!!

Resmi Tatil Sali  (Official holiday Tuesday)

Readers, please note that there is an official bank holiday on Tuesday 23rd of April, where banks, Government offices and Local Government offices will be closed for the day.




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