December 2, 2022

Television News from BRT

By Can Gazi

(left) Can Gazi, Bidi McIntyre and Steve Templeman (right) sml
(left) Can Gazi, Bidi McIntyre and Steve Templeman (right) sml

On Saturday 30th March at 4.30pm the guests on my show “A Cup of Conversation” are Bidi McIntyre and Steve Templeman. They are two artists with very different styles, both have been inspired by the beauty of the TRNC.

We will be talking about their forthcoming exhibition at the Public Library in Girne called Elements Of The North Cyprus Landscape. Money raised from the exhibition will go to Tulips.

Do join us and Happy Viewing,

Olesya Larina
Olesya Larina

On Sunday 31st March at 1.00pm Cyprus time, my colleague Engin Dervişağa has a fascinating interview with Olesya Larina, a Russian national on his programme Vox Pop and he will be talking to her about her life and Maslenitsa, the Russian Pancake Day festival which was held recently in Bariş Park, Kyrenia

Do tune in to Engin’s show “VOX POP” to find out more of Olesya’s experiences as a Russian expat living here in North Cyprus and also the recent great (left) Engin Dervişağa and Olesya Larina (right) smlcommunity sharing event held in Bariş Park, “Maslenitsa” that she was involved with. This show will also be repeated on Tuesday 2nd April 2013 at 1.00pm local time.

For those people who would like to learn more of the recent Maslenitsa event, please click here.

To go direct to Bayrak Family TV to watch these shows click here and if you want to learn more of Bayrak Radio and Television click here

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