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TRNC NEWS TODAY – 25/03/2013


President Dr. Dervis Eroglu stated that Israel’s apologizing to Turkey for the Raid of the Mavi Marmara is a proof of Turkey’s patient and stable policy, and a very important development in terms of ‘regional and world peace’.

Expressing that on behalf of the Turkish Republic of Dervis ErogluNorthern Cyprus, he is very glad for these developments, Eroglu said ‘Israel made some agreements with the Greek Cypriot Administration on the issue of hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean. The relation between Israel and Greek Cypriot Administration have gained speed as a result of the problems experienced between Turkey and Israel. We hope during that new process, Israel realizes that rights of the Turkish Cypriots cannot be ignored’.

Moreover, adding that TRNC is the first country which recognised Palestine, Eroglu said that the people of Palestine should live in safety under the framework and within the boundaries of their own state.

‘It seems that there are very important developments in the region which will continue. In this context, I want to stress that we, as Turkish Cypriots, want peace in the Middle East and we hope all problems experienced until today come to an end. We are also determined as Turkish Cypriots, to do whatever is necessary to reach an agreement based on the realities of the island.


TRNC Prime Minister Irsen Küçük has gone to Ankara in order to attend the ceremony to Irsen Küçükbe organized for the library automation system between the Near East University (NEU) and the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry.

According to the information released from Prime Ministry Press and Public Relations Directorate, library automation system will be put into service within the framework of protocol signed between NEU and Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry and will be put into use of ‘1112 public library’ affiliated with the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry.


Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement and said the idea of the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus (GCASC) to offer the natural resources of the island as collateral for a solidarity investment fund or any other borrowing scheme to be established due to its current economic crisis, ignoring the inherent rights of the Turkish Cypriots who are co-owners of the Island, is a dangerous manifestation of the illusion of being the sole owner of the Island, which may lead to a new crisis in the region.

It was reported in the statement that the Turkish side is committed both to protecting the rights and interests on its own continental shelf and to maintaining iTurkish Ministery of Foreign Affairs smlts support to the Turkish Cypriot side.

On the other hand it was pointed out that the Turkish Cypriot side has made two calls of co-operation to the Greek Cypriot side for an equitable sharing of the natural resources, on 24 September 2011 and 29 September 2012. The Greek Cypriot side, however, has not responded positively to these calls up to date. It is not acceptable that the Greek Cypriot side uses the economic crisis it is facing as an opportunity to create new fait accomplis.

Also it was underlined that Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side, desire a negotiated settlement in the Island. Turkey’s vision for the Island and the Eastern Mediterranean is one of joint prosperity, stability and security. Economic problems, like political conflicts can be overcome by creating an atmosphere of peace, reconciliation and cooperation in the Island. The Turkish Cypriots will never become a minority in a Greek Cypriot state. Turkey will not allow this in any way. However, Turkey will respect the preferences of the two peoples on the Island. As this preference could be for establishing a new partnership – of which the parameters are well known – if the Greek Cypriots are to act unilaterally regarding the natural resources in the south of the Island and if they do not desire a partnership with the Turkish Cypriots, it could also be for the negotiation of a two state solution. 


The Leader of the National Struggle of the Turkish Cypriots ,  the former Speaker of the Assembly and Prime Minister Osman Orek was remembered with a ceremony on the anniversary of his death 14  years ago.

President Derviş Eroğlu, Speaker of  the TRNC Assembly Hasan Bozer, Prime Minister Irsen Küçük, the second President Mehmet Ali Talat, President of High Court Nevvar Nolan, Osman Orek’s wife Neriman Orek, and his daughter Yeşim Orek Gumusdag and some member of Parliament attended  the ceremony.

The Speaker of the Assembly Hasan Bozer stated that Osman Orek who was the founder of the Turkish Resistance Organization was a valuable statesman, significant lawyer and important leader of social and political life. 


“TRNC Water Supply Project” which is qualified as the “Project of the Century” and will bring water to the TRNC from Mersin under the sea is proceeding step by step and the placing of the 26th pipe has been realized and the  Gecitkoy Reservoirlaying of 13 kilometers long pipe has been completed.

Governor of Mersin, Hasan Basri Güzeloglu made an inspection at the factory where the pipes are produced and received  information from the project co-ordinator, Mehtap Uluceviz.

Stating that two types of pipes are manufactured in a factory which was founded at SEKE Port in Silifke, Uluceviz said that 500 meters long pipes which are produced as a single piece are stocked up in the sea.

Expressing that the 26th pipe has been placed into the sea start from today, Uluceviz stated that the laying of 13 kilometers long pipe has been completed.

On the other hand Uluceviz stated that the ship which will lay the pipelines on the sea bottom will start working in August and the pipes can stay under the water for 50 years without being destroyed. 

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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