February 4, 2023

Communities Sharing News

By Chris Elliott

The fastest way any group of people can promote their news and views is by telling the world and with the dramatic increase of the use of the internet through webpages, webblogs and social network groups, this is fast overtaking the traditional reliance on newspapers to promote news.

We are constantly looking for more information to share with our community networking partners and we have received news of Chelsey Village Times, which is an email publication and is mainly distributed to owners of Chelsey Village in Arapköy.

Chelsey Village Times sml

The publication is very informative and contains information relevant to the property owners plus local news etc. There is also a Facebook group as well for the owners to communicate their views, thoughts and needs.

We are sharing with our readers an extract from the April Newsletter which is very topical and deals with the recent storm we had and we hope in the future to be able to bring you more news from Chelsey Village as well as the Arapköy village.

Please click here to view the April Newsletter extract from Chelsey Village Times .

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