May 31, 2023

Men’s Cancer Health Checks organised by KHYD/Tulips

The following information has been received from Carole King and Sue Tilt, the local fund-raising organisers for Help Those With Cancer Association – Tulips :

Men’s Cancer Health Checks organised by KHYD/Tulips

 Near East University – call 0392 675 1000 for appointment mentioning “Men’s Cancer Health Check organised by KHYD”

Magusa Tip Merkezi (Famagusta) – call Ahmet Bey on 0542 8738540

Cost is 300 TL (normally 450 TL) and runs until the end of March.

The check includes the following:Tulips

 1)         Serbest (Free) PSA,

2)         Total PSA,

3)         Abdominal Ultrasound,

4)         Urine Test

5)         Consultation with an Urologist

For further information email: or call 0533 873 1603.

Perhaps those that would like to show their appreciation of the work of KHYD/Tulips can do so by making a donation at either the Near East University or Magusa Tip Merkezi where they will provide with a receipt on behalf of Tulips.

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