October 3, 2022

Ladies Day at Acapulco

 By Claire Lamb

Three of us ladies from the CES(v) decided to have a practise run at the Ocean Spa, Acapulco Resort to find out what to expect next Thursday at the CES(v) fund-raising and pamper day.

As we came down the stairs to the spa we were greeted by an array of freshly baked goodies and a selection of fruit. At the spa reception Ayşe and Time to relax and enjoyDenise were ready to give their guests for the day, a warm and friendly welcome.

After taking to the wonderfully warm water for a calorie burning swim we relaxed in style with a reviving cuppa and a tasty treat (or two) while deciding what to do next! Would it be a relax on a lounger by the pool, a session in the steam room, a bit of R&R in the sauna or a scrub down in the Hammam???

None of us felt up to exploring the gym as we were there to relax – all in the name of research of course! I decided the heat treatments were for me while my 2 partners in crime chose to relax by the pool. After another reviving dip in the pool it was time for one of our group to head off for a facial treatment while we went to the relaxation room for a complimentary 5 minute head massage. After all out hard work at deciding which form of relaxation we should try next, all we were fit for was another round of drinks and a snack as a tray of delicious sandwiches had been brought out.

All in all a wonderfully relaxing day in beautiful surroundings with a great team of staff who were very professional while managing the art of making people feel pampered and relaxed. A resounding success which makes us wish it was Thursday 21st March now so we could enjoy more of the same while raising funds for a good cause.

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