December 6, 2022

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC 

30 Minutes with the Secretary

by Ralph Kratzer

Meeting in “The Sanctuary” with Nick Vye : The Power of Crystals

Do you remember my article about the First Antique and Collectors Fair in North Cyprus, Nick Vye at homeposted about 3 weeks ago on our websites?  While there I met again, after a long time, a year long friend, Nick Vye, and I promised to visit him for an interview.

So it was that I came to his house and thought it would become a very interesting meeting.

Nicholas Hugo Vye is one of the most extraordinary and amazing persons I have ever met in my life, and believe me, I met lots and lots of people in my past!

Born in 1940 in the district of Soho in London and living there (apart from many stays abroad – we will come back to that later) forSome of Nick's collection most of his life, he decided to come to North Cyprus in the year 2000. The first reason for his relocation was the wish to have a more relaxed life over here and the second reason was that he had been living here in a previous life centuries ago as a monk in Bellapais Abbey!  You think I am joking? Not at all, listen!

In Nick´s own words:

“I am a student of life, seeking spiritual truths and universal knowledge. As a born intuitive I have studied many aspects of spirituality throughout my life. I have had at least That one is lovely11 previous lives, not only as a monk, but as e.g. a Red Indian Shaman and as a Samurai Warrior as well and I have lived not only on the planet Earth before but also on other planets and even in other solar systems.”

Now many readers may think, Nick is a freak, but believe me, he is far away from that! He just has a different perspective on life. I personally don´t have any points of contact to spirituality, but just listening to Some more of Nick's itemsNick´s explanations and substantiations on these topics fascinated me and so it was that the 2 hours we spent together seemed to be like a few minutes for me.

But the main reason I intended to visit him was his knowledge about the power of crystals and I was able to view his considerable collection of them.

My personal opinion: The influence of crystals on the health of living beings has nothing to do with superstition, it is nowadays more and more scientifically proven.

Crystals takeMany more crystals many many thousands of years to grow and manifest. Most quartz crystals are between 100 – 125 thousand years old. They can act as transformers, receiving energy, e.g. electrical energy, and amplifying it to a greater extent. This energy can then be focused through the point. Sound, color and light are just energy vibrations at different speeds. Without crystals our modern life would be unthinkable, every computer and even our wrist watches wouldn´t work without silicon or quartz crystals.

But what about the healing power of crystals? Again inA lovely crystal Nick´s words:

“All crystals possess an individual note or sound. They respond by releasing an electromagnetic energy. They can be used to transform rates of vibrations in human energy fields, They are always at a perfect state of balance, able to store and amplify any power source fed into them. Within every crystal is, what is called the Elemental Intelligence.”

Back fromDisplay of crystals the crystals to Nick. He has been lecturing and leading groups on “crystals and their powers and uses” for many years, as well as teaching yoga and aspects of spiritual awareness and meditation. He has worked in clinics in Germany and Austria using crystal healing on patients with different diseases. He lectured and led workshops in various countries all over Europe and the world.

His statement about spiritual healing: “It is a non-harmful, natural way to assist the body to heal itself. This is open to everyone, regardless of religious faiths, practice or culture. Healing is achieved by bringing spiritual energy into the body through the healer´s hands, and sometimes with the assistance of crystals. More crystalsThis method of healing is also beneficial for stress and stress-related illnesses.”

And about meditation: “Meditation is a way of bringing the body and mind to a relaxed state, this helps the body to overcome stress and allows one to maintain a healthy disposition.”

The reader may think about all of this how he/she wants.

What a lovely displayFor me this man is an outstanding personality and I am glad to be a friend of him, especially since he told me that his family’s roots are in Germany……😉

I end with another saying of Nick Vye: “Awakening our true spiritual selves and expanding our conscious awareness helps us to realize our full potential.”

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