February 4, 2023

North Cyprus Forum on Bayrak Radio

By littlenige

Another forum member has been on BRT Radio on “The Main Event” with Denise Philips.

Denise Phillips smlAn interesting interview was aired with Erol Zia explaining his roots in computing with Comshare and his efforts to get dial-up service off the pay per connection and pay by the minute tariffs.

Erol’s first track was Shaft followed by Chaka Khan “Aint Nobody”. Erol explained why he moved to the TRNC and what his current employer, Multimax offers.

He explained about the 3 main types of internet provider ( 1) via mobile 3g,  (2) adsl broadband via land line telephone line and (3) wireless internet.  The next track was Al Green “So tired of being alone”. Returning to wireless internet, Erol went on to explain that there were various options re wireless internet connections.

The 4th track chosen by Erol was “Aint No Sunshine” by Bill Withers and returning to the topic of the internet, Erol went on to explain about VPN ( virtual pErol Ziyarivate network ) and how to watch British TV and explained about BBC iplayer and free to air TV. Erol then went on to explain how to link your laptop to your TV via a HDMI socket.

Erol went on to explain about the Multimax packages and charge about 35 euros for 65 channels.

Erols next choice of music was Aretha Franklin singing,  “Just a little bit.”

Returning to the Internet and Multimax, Erol went on to discuss wi boxes ps3 and xboxes and he explained that unless using Multimax, you may have problems connecting to some services using the boxes .

The closing track was Tom Jones and the Stereophonics with “Mama told me not to come”.

All in all an interesting interview well done Denise and Erol.

Source: www.northcyprusforum.net

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  1. Well done Erol, they could not have chosen better than you for to explain on your chosen subject.
    Your taste in music is pretty good too. Wel done Paulline x

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