May 31, 2023

By Margaret Sheard…….

The Secretary of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC, Ralph Kratzer, has shared with their members the new post codes Postmanfrom the article in the 13th February edition of Cyprus Today and in the event that any of our readers did not see this article we are publishing the link to the TRNC Post Office where you can view the post codes  for your information and future use.

Note:  The new 5 digit code has to be written under the code “Mersin 10 / Turkey” which still remains a part of the address.

To find the post code for your area on the KKTC Post code  listings click here

Many readers ask us to help them confirm their post codes which we are happy to do however often the information given by the reader is not complete so it is difficult for us to confirm the postcode for a location. May we suggest to any future readers wanting help, please first go to Google World or Maps where they can locate their road or street and when comparing this with a city/village listed on the KKTC attachment they should be able to identify their correct post code.

Readers can also find a wealth of information about the North Cyprus Postal Service by clicking here 

69 thoughts on “North Cyprus new post codes

  1. How do you know which is yours? We live in Alsancak but is it 99350 or 99360? I think the 99360! Jenny

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      Hi Jenny, I am not an expert on these things but hopefully to clarify I have highlighted the village names and when you translate KÖYÜ it means village and Mah is an abbreviation for Mahalle which means Quarter or Ward according to the “Redbook”.

      So for anyone to decide which is their post code is, select the nearest village or area in which your property is located.

      Perhaps in the not too distant future when buying items on line you will be able to give your post code and your location may come up on the verification system. Now that will be the icing on the cake of progress!

  2. Just found this site and your helpful comments:
    We are moving soon into a house in Karsiyaka (village in Lapta).
    So can you help here? My question is;
    – How many of these details must be written on an international mail to us in future?

    1. Welcome to North Cyprus. Your postal address will be No of house + name of street, Karsiyaka, Lapta, Mersin 10, Turkey 99440 The number at the end is the post code for Karsiyaka. I hope this is what you were looking for.

    1. Hello, please read the article again and click where it says click here in BLUE and a new page will open that shows all of the Lefkosa areas and post codes.

      Merhaba, makaleyi tekrar okumak ve lütfen buraya MAVİ tıklayın ve yeni bir sayfa olduğunu Lefkoşa alanları ve posta kodlarının tümünü gösterir açılacaktır diyor burada

      Ndewo, biko na-agụ isiokwu ọzọ, pịa ebe ọ na-ekwu, pịa ebe a na-acha anụnụ anụnụ na ọhụrụ na peeji nke ga-emeghe nke na-egosi ihe nile nke Lefkosa ebe na Nledo.

  3. Pls. I live in 4. Yurt, Near East University, what is my post code?

  4. Good morning,

    Advice and help please! We are having a villa build in Alsancak and may have to finish off ourselves. We already have an account KKTC for our flat – as we have an account would it be easy to get correction to our villa ourselves. There is an electricity pole just outside the villa and houses around us already connected.
    Any help would be appreciated – or e-mail to contact someone in KKTC

    1. Hello Jim and Sue, following our visit to Kibtek to seek information for you, we have emailed you direct with some information and questions for you to answer to KIbtek if they are to help you.

  5. Any idea what my postcode will be?


    1. You need to check exactly where your property is located as the postcodes for Alsancak is a large area and covers a number of smaller village areas

      MAHALLE – KÖY- Viilage area

      You may find this article to be helpful

  6. Hi guys, so should I use the number when i’m using a courier service? ie; fedex, dhl

  7. please i live in noyan apartment behind new lemar famagusta.what is my zip code/postal code

    1. I have checked the post codes and it looks as if the postcode for Gazi Magusa town area is 99450. If you go into Google Earth and check the street names you will be able to confirm this. Not knowing where the new Lemar is it is difficult to work out the post code but I am assuming it is somewhere in the centre so the post code would be 99450.

  8. I need to send some important documents to the address below. I cannot find the postcode and the address doesn’t look right. Can you advise ?

    Kaliland Yeşilbulut 2 apt.
    Mersin 10 Turkey

    1. Hello Damon,

      Famagusta or Gazi Maguza is listed on the link we have provided within our article and almost all areas are shown under 99450.

      The addrees you show above does not seeme to show a district so we can only suggest the address could read as below. For more information and clarifification you can visit the web site of the TRNC Postal Office by following the link in our article.


      Kaliland Yeşilbulut 2 apt.
      Mersin 10 Turkey

    1. As you may have seen, the district is not show on the TRNC Post Office listing so to be 110% sure, perhaps you should email them via their wensite and give them the address you are quoting and ask them to clarify..

  9. Thanks for all your help. With the assistance of google maps I have managed to get a complete address.

  10. hi i need to send important documents to the above address but i did not know the zipcode

    Yedi Konut Yolu
    Mersin 10

    1. Hello Roxanne, Mersin 10 Turkey has been the traditional routing link for mail sent from outside the TRNC but if you read the other comments here you will see we have clearly answered how to find the local area post code by opening the TRNC postal area code listing document. If you have any doubt there is a link to the TRNC Postal Service web site where there is a lot more information available.

  11. Hello please i live in Lefkosa, Hastane, and i don’t know my zip/postal code. please can you help me with it thank you?.

    1. Hello Jessy. The answer can be found within the article by clicking on the link to view the TRNC Postal Codes –

      By description you seem to be saying you live in Lefkosa Hospital, which one? If it is the State hospital opposite Peace and Democracy Park when you view it on Google Earth you see the hospital is next to GÖÇMENKÖY MAH and so the postal code listed for this area is 99010.

  12. Hi, could you help please – i need to send a document to a company based at Kyrenia Courts office, 18 Mustafa Cagatay Ave, Kyrenia but i do not speal Turkish so cannot find the right postcode on the document in the link. Can you tell me which one it is please? Thanks

  13. Can you help me check How to write address ?? I will send the parcel to my friend but I don’t know it’s correct or not and post code is 99450 ?? Please help me Thanks 🙂

    Naim Tayyar sokak
    Sosyal konutlar daire.. Blok…
    Mersin 10 Turkey cyprus

    1. Hello Anna if you are sending to Gazamagusa then the details look OK but remove the word Cyprus as this is not recognised and Mersin 10 Turkey will ensure the mail comes to Northern Cyprus.

  14. hello i need to some stuffs posted to this address pls help need zip code.. sinemis student complex zafer miharrem street sakarya famagusta mersin10 turkey.

    1. Hello George as you will see, there have been many enquiries from people asking for the post code which are clearly shown on an attachment linked from the article.

      Just try clicking on the link and you can solve your problem

  15. I live baykal, famagusta. is this my passcode 99450?
    and what should be my full address?

    1. Hello Muad,

      We have answered this type of question so many times as you will have seen in the other comments and if you have taken this number from the link we have provided, then it is correct. Don’t forget to state your house or building number, road name, Famagusta and finally don’t forget to also state Mersin 10 Turkey.

  16. Maria Cristina Hidalgo
    Girne American University
    University Drive, Karmi Campus, P.O.B:5, Girne, North Cyprus via Mersin 10 Turkey.
    Phone number: +903926502000 / Ext: 1347 THIS ADDRESS WHAT IS THE POST CODE?

  17. Hello, Could you please tell me the postcode for this address as i have send some urgent post 1-10 Girne Caddesi PO BOX 738 LEFKOSA MERSIN 10 TURKEY, North Cyprus.

  18. Hello, I live in GAZİ.MAĞUSA, SAKARYA
    And I want to order from an American online website
    How can I receive the package?
    Will I need to use DHL? And will DHL deliver it to my house?
    And for the shipment details I should write
    Gazi Magusa
    Dovec Apartment
    Mersin 10 Turkey

    1. Hello Hajora

      Firstly you need to add your postal code to the address and when you read this article click on the link in this text “To find the post code for your area on the KKTC Post code listings click here” you will see the code.

      Secondly we suggest you ask DHL about shipping from the US and their website is

    1. Hi Joe. When reading the article click on the link in this text”To find the post code for your area on the KKTC Post code listings click here and you will find you code.

    2. Dear sir,

      Please help me with this address, (Ataturk caddesi, Muderissoglu apt, Daire 16, Girne North cyprus).
      What is the exact postal address of the above mentioned. Since it is my 1st days in here I dont know its postal address at the meantime it become very necessary for me .

      Thank you sir in advace

  19. Good morning sir ,would you help me please?
    It’s been one week now, my sister has sent me something(from france) to this adress
    North cyprus,nicosia, MERSIN10 TURKEY,haspolat ,cyprus international university 99258 (sure of the postcode). Is this adress correct??

    1. Hello Frederica,

      Thank you fro your enquiry. You may find the post may take more than 1 week to arrive from other countries.

      You show an address which is correct for the CIU and is also shown on there website. When the posted item arrive at CIU are they held at a collection point for students?? Perhaps you should ask this question to CIU.

  20. hello sir, please can you help me…?
    how can i order the items,goods from the internet as;; etc.? or that is impossible to shipping to TRNC from abroad?

    1. Hi Saider, thank you for your question.

      We have the use of DHL here so do check if the internet online shop of your choice will allow you to request your order is delivered to you via DHL

  21. Hello Sir,

    i would like to send some stuff to my brother at Eastern Mediterranean University – Famagusta, North Cyprus Mersin 10, Turkey by DHL

    i would like to know the ZIP code, as it’s required by DHL


    1. Hello Sherrif,

      As we have said to many other who ask for confirmation the easy thing to do is check of where you want to forward material to the location in Google Earth. You can then consult the postcode schedule by clicking on the link provided and then you can select the correct postal code.

  22. When sending or receiving parcels or post use hire it in Catalkoy, they have postcode checking facility with TNT Fedex.

  23. Hello, please I’m new here in northern Cyprus and I live close to the ZIRAAT bank in city center. A friend wants to send me some items but has requested for the following details of my area( remember I live very close to ZIRAAT bank in city center). The required details are;

    Postal code:
    Province or region:

    Please I need the answers to all this urgently. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    1. Please read our article and it will tell you how to establish your details and as you live so close to the Zirrat Bank why not ask them as well as they will sure to be able offer other forms of help as well.

  24. Hello,
    I’m trying to find the post code of:
    Ekner 4
    Esmerim Sokak
    Famagusta, North Cyprus
    via Mersin 10, Turkey
    i couldntfind it on google earth and i didn’t know how to relate it to the list you’ve provided.
    Can someone help me.
    Thank you

  25. I sent a tracked envelope with a contactless debit card to my Mother in North Cyprus. It has been over a month and there is no sign of it. When I check the tracking number it shows as being held in Turkey. The local post office to my Mum insists that I have sent it to the wrong address but I believe it has been stolen by corrupt officials – not the first time! SO….I need any information of setting up a P.O.Box in the Republic/South side. Does anyone have any info on this. I’ve trawled the net but can’t find much. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Have you registered this post? If you have you can ask the sender to ask the current holder to release the post.

      Posting to North Cyprus includes Mersin 10, Turkey in the postal address so in all probability it has arrived and if not at the local office it will be in the main Lefkosa office and we have given a link in our article to the TRNC Post Office website who you can contact to find your post.

      In future do not make unfounded and unproven allegations “I believe it has been stolen by corrupt officials – not the first time! ” and if you do, your post will be deleted without explanation.

  26. Hello? I am waiting for my post from USA but I wrote address Eastern Mediterranean University, DAU-1, Mersin 10 Turkey, Famagusta 99628, Cyprus. So I think this is wrong right? So now my post already arrived in Cyprus. What should I do now pls help me?

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