By Margaret Sheard…….

The Secretary of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC, Ralph Kratzer, has shared with their members the new post codes Postmanfrom the article in the 13th February edition of Cyprus Today and in the event that any of our readers did not see this article we are publishing the link to the TRNC Post Office where you can view the post codes  for your information and future use.

Note:  The new 5 digit code has to be written under the code “Mersin 10 / Turkey” which still remains a part of the address.

To find the post code for your area on the KKTC Post code  listings click here

Many readers ask us to help them confirm their post codes which we are happy to do however often the information given by the reader is not complete so it is difficult for us to confirm the postcode for a location. May we suggest to any future readers wanting help, please first go to Google World or Maps where they can locate their road or street and when comparing this with a city/village listed on the KKTC attachment they should be able to identify their correct post code.

Readers can also find a wealth of information about the North Cyprus Postal Service by clicking here