October 4, 2023

GAU Turkey – One Billion Rising

While Students, Teachers, Friends and local residents were dancing The Dance of Freedom on Thursday 14th February at the GAU Millennium Square in Kyrenia, at the same time many hundreds of people were gathered in the Beşiktaş Square, Tuition for the Dance of Freedomİstanbul, Turkey to dance at the same event arranged by the Girne American University in Turkey.

If these scenes were repeated around the world, then clearly many people will have taken part in the Dance of Freedom for the One Billion Rising event which was to highlight the abuse that women suffer in the world today.

To read more of how the event was celebrated in the Girne American University, Kyrenia click here and also see the GAU Youtube video from Beşiktaş Square, Istanbul below and you may see what you missed by not attending your local events.

By Chris Elliott

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