January 30, 2023

Athletic Champion of Turkey is from GAU

Mehmet Baykent (left)
Mehmet Baykent (left)

Mehmet Baykent, a GAU student, who participated both in the junior and senior indoor league athletics has gained entry into the national team by being  the Long Jump champion of Turkey with a 14:35 meter jump.

Mehmet Baykent achieved the championship record of a 14:35 meter long jump at a tournament held in İstanbul in Turkey. It was further announced that participation in the tournaments will  include three countries; Turkey, Russia and Ukraine in the upcoming months.

The President of theA successful Athletic season TRNC Athletics Federation, Ersin Doğaç, The Chancellor of GAU Health, Culture and Sports Office, Türkay Akpınar, GAU Athletics Coach Halil Samani and Berk Tuna have all spoken to GAU TV that the success by Mehmet Baykent was anticipated.

They said Mehmet Baykent is an ambitious, intelligent and successful sportsman and they wished him further success in the future.  Türkay Akpınar also said that they are looking forward to  the  future is and that the real goal is the Olympics.

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