January 30, 2023

Head to Head with the UNique Nomads

and the Pumas RFC!

With two games played between these great sides and one match win apiece it was not surprising that the build up to the decider match on Saturday 9th February was so intense 19 The challenge is comingwith, no doubt, much additional training on both sides to ensure the team players were in perfect physical and mental condition for that Head to Head match to decide which was the champion team.

For this match the weather was kinder with no rain and I was able to be on the edge of the pitch to take photographs and then you have a total perception of what is happening and it really is scary at times.

Throughout the very hard fought match I was close to the players aGrowling Pumas with heads down and straining bodies or leaping high in the air, they contested the right to be the champion side. So close was I on occasions I could hear the grunts and thuds of flesh on flesh and see the flashing eyes and almost smell their sweat of extreme exertion to take and retain control of the ball.

As in all team or individual contests, there is a fine line between winning or losing and as they say “it’s not over until the fat lady sings” and this was the case at Alsancak with both teams contesting each other and trying for that last opportunity to show their dominance and influence the outcome of the 50 Away they go againcontest. So it was with both sides playing their heart out and when the last minute ticked away a score of 16 to 6 was declared in favour of the UNique Nomads and a very proud Pumas team lined up to cheer their adversaries off the pitch.

So we now wait with great anticipation for the new matches that will be contested between these fine teams and we will bring you news of the future events as we receive them.

By Chris Elliott

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