September 27, 2022

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What the Hell……!!!??? Spring in North Cyprus

by Ralph Kratzer

Do you remember my article on our website about: “What the Hell….!!!??? Snow wonder in North Cyprus”?

The last paragraph in my article about the inconveniance of the winter season in Cyprus was:

As an expatriatePlants blooming and blue skies I prefer the higher temperatures over here because this was one of the reasons I came to the island! But in contrast to Middle Europe we in Cyprus know that spring is coming soon and with it the warmer days!“

I wrote this sentence only a few weeks ago!

According to the calendar we still have the winter season in Cyprus, but unlike the rough climate in other parts of Europe, the arrival of spring seems already to have taken place on our island.

Walking with my dog Laika in the stunniLaika enjoying the spring-like weatherng mountain area of Alsancak this morning, as I have done every day for more than 8 years now, I again saw a wonder!

People, only having visited the island during the hot and dry summer months, cannot imagine how beautiful North Cyprus appears at the moment!

The yellowish and brownish colours of the dried up nature during the heat have changed to a lush green, meadows everywhere with beautiful little flowers, the first wild orchids starting to bloom, the yellow blossoms of the wild broom, the violets……… what a gift from mother nature!

By the way, up till Spring is on the waynow 52 different orchid species are said to be found in Cyprus, some of them endemic.  What a little bit of rain is able to create on a piece of earth blessed by the sun!

So, everybody living on this island, natives and expatriates, be happy.  Don´t spoil this stunning environment, keep it clean and healthy as a heritage to your posterity!

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