February 5, 2023

Improved procedures for Residency

Health Checks for Expatriates



MNCB are pleased to announce the following new Residency Health Check procedure for expatriates that have been agreed with the TRNC Health Ministry. These procedures are operative immediately.

Will all expatriates due an annual health check make an appointment at their nearest state hospital at either Girne or Gazi Magusa. After visiting the Police Station with your paperwork, attend the hospital at the prearranged time, pay the medical fee requested, and complete the tests. :

Girne Akcicek Hospital –

Dr Salih Beyoglu – Chief Medical Officer

Secretary – Nilgun Sari – Tel. 0392 815 2170 direct line or 0392 815 2266 Ext 303 Appointments available weekly on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10-11am (excluding public holidays).

Gazi Magusa General Hospital

Dr Erdal Ozcenk – Chief Medical Officer- Ext 1101

Secretary – Gonul Songur – Tel. 0392 366 5328 Ext 1102

Three people are assigned to deal with Expatriate Health Checks from 9:30 Mon-Fri (excluding public holidays).

Ceyhun Umiter Tel. 0392 366 5328 Ext 2220

Huseyn Karci. Tel. 0392 366 5328 Ext 2219

Mustafa Yaver Tel. 0392 366 5328 Ext 2221

If the first test is not clear, please in the first instance contact the Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer and advise Malcolm & Gul at the email addresses below.

If the matter is not resolved at the District Hospital you will be referred to Lefkosa General Hospital for the more refined a Ribba test. You will not be charged for the Ribba test. After you get the Ribba test result, we would appreciate you, in confidence, informing Gul & Malcolm by email. This will enable MNCB to review how things are working out.

Lefkosa Nalbantoglu Devlet Hospital

If you are referred for a Ribba Test please contact Dr Ersan for appointment..

Dr Rifat Siber – Chief Medical Officer – r.siber@kibris.net

Dr Ersan Berksel- Assistant Chief Medical Officer – e.berksel@yahoo.com Tel. 0392 223 2441 Ext 1114

If you encounter any problems or have comments about your experience please email both MNCB Joint Secretaries: Malcolm Mitcheson – mmitcheson@aol.com & Gultac Ozsan – g.ozsan@yahoo.com . One of them will email you back as soon as they are available. In an emergency call Malcolm on 0533 869 9745 or Gul on 0533 835 7711. Please note both are volunteers and their phone lines are busy so you may not get them on the first attempt, so please be patient.

This information will be posted on Making North Cyprus Better website www.mncb2011.com


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