January 29, 2023


Prof Dr. Dusen Kaseinov and Chancellor Serhat Akpinar sign the protocol
Prof Dr. Dusen Kaseinov and Chancellor Serhat Akpinar sign the protocol

 The International Turkish Culture Organization (TÜRKSOY) was established in 1992 for promoting the cultural heritage for future generations, enhancing the cultural bonds thus developing brotherhood, unity, solidarity and protecting the national and common cultures. Turksoy has now signed a co-operation protocol with  Girne American University which celebrates its 28th year in Higher Education this year.

Founding Rector and Chancellor of the Board of Administrators, Serhat Akpınar, on behalf of GAU and General Secretary Prof Dr. Düsen Kaseinov on behalf of TÜRKSOY have signed the protocol which was held in the Chancellor’s Office of Girne American University Cyprus -Girne Campus.

Also present at the ceremony were :-

Representatives attending the protocol signing
Representatives attending the protocol signing

 The Vice Chancellors of GAU Board of Administrators Olgun Üstün and Cemile Esenyel,

Rector Prof. Dr. Yıldırım Öner

Vice-Rectors Assoc. Prof. Dr. Olgun Çiçek and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zafer Ağdelen

General Secretary Dr. Sualp Davut

TÜRKSOY TRNC Representative Güler Fedai

President of International Turcology Center of the Institute of Turkish World Prof. Dr. Yerden Kazhybek

Chancellor Serhat Akpınar and Dr. Düsen Kaseinov explained to GAU TV the need for common research and the understanding of the issues of education-training to improve the relations between the students and to provide the common utility of the research studies results, to publish and to convey the experiences of the parties in the areas of scientific organizations and  education-training perception based protocol which was signed between GAU and International Turkish Culture Organization (TÜRKSOY).

CHANCELLOR AKPINAR  stated   “Significant Projects are to be undertaken with the Turkish World”

Prof Dr. Dusen Kaseinov and Chancellor Serhat Akpinar
Prof Dr. Dusen Kaseinov and Chancellor Serhat Akpinar

Chancellor Akpınar also emphasized that GAU Cyprus- Girne Campus together with overseas campuses in England, Singapore, USA are ready to support the scientific, cultural and artistic events to be developed by GAU Istanbul and TÜRKSOY. He also underlined that the exchange program of academic staff and students will be a great incentive with regard to the individual development and promotion of the Turkish culture to future generations.

DR. KASEINOV stated  “A Bond of Culture and Science is to be established between TRNC and the Turkish World”

General Secretary of TÜRKSOY Prof Dr. Düsen Kaseinov further explained that it was a great honour to celebrate the first event at GAU with a photography exhibition under the title of “Welcoming Breezes of Northern Cyprus By TÜRKSOY” in the 20th year of the establishment of International Turkish Culture Organization TÜRKSOY, which undertakes studies for promoting the culture and art of people who speak Turkish as a common language and convey this to future generations.

Prof. Dr. Kaseinov underlined that with the protocol held between TÜRKSOY and GAU the aim is to establish co-operation with scientific research and education, significant projects will be achieved and a bond of culture and science will be established between TRNC and the Turkish World.

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