October 4, 2023

Welcoming Breezes of North Cyprus

  Photography Exhibition

We were invited to attend the opening ceremony of a photography exhibition by Tűrksoy in co-operation with Girne American From left to right - Serhat Akpinar (GAU), Űnal Űstel (Minister of Tourism) , Dusen Kaseinov (Secretary General-TűrksoyUniversity on Friday 1st February at the GAU Techno Park Exhibition Hall.

Arriving at the venue there were already many people gathering for the opening ceremony and to view the work being exhibited by photographers who are members of Tűrksoy.

Information regarding Tűrksoy gives a background of this Organisation which may be of interest:-

The opening of the event will be with the cooperation of International Turkish Culture Organization TÜRKSOCutting the ribbonY established in 1992 and GAU by the state authorities with the aim of unveiling, advertising, conveying to future generations, building cooperation upon cultural ties to prosper the values of brotherhood, unity, solidarity.

TÜRKSOY which arranges events for all branches like literature, poetry, theater, opera, ballet, painting, photography and various other art forAdmiring the exhibitsms of Turkish orientated people in all Turkish geography including Paris UNESCO Central Building, New York UN Congress Hall, Middle East and all member states will be meeting with the Turkish Cypriot public with the exhibition to be held of 17 photographers from 8 countries.

TÜRKSOY (Joint Administration of Turkic Culture and Art)

1) The Agreement Concerning the Joint Administration of Turkish Culture and Arts (TÜRKSOY), drafted by Turkey’s initiative and efforts was signed in Almati in 1993. TÜRKSOY, which has diplomatic status as an international organization, began its activities in the same year.

2) TÜRKSOY member countries are Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Tűrksoy BannerTurkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Gagavuz Yeri of Moldova and some autonomous republics of the Russian Federation participate in its activities as observers.

3) TÜRKSOY has been established with the objective to strengthen cooperation in the fields of culture and arts between the countries of Turkish origin and language. The organization also aims to ensure better understanding and to deepen friendly relations and contacts between these countries as well as to protect and promote the Turkish culture.  The official language of TÜRKSOY is Turkish and its headquarters are in Ankara.

4) The Ministers of Culture of the member countries are elected TÜRKSOY Co-ordinator for a term of 6 months in accordance with alphabetical order and preside over the Permanent Council of Ministers of Culture which normally convenes once in 6 months on a rotating basis.  The Permanent Council of Ministers of  Culture is the highest body of the organization.”

The opThe Rector of GAU, Yildirim Öner, making his speechening ceremony was about to start and everyone gathered around to hear the speeches.  The first speech was made by the Rector of Girne American Secretary General of Tűrksoy, Dusen Kaseinov, making his speechUniversity  – Yildirim Öner, this was followed by Dusen Kaseinov the Secretary General of Tűrksoy and the final speech came from Űnal Űstel the TRNC Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture.  Minister of Tourism,Environment and Culture, Űnal Űstel , making his speechAfter the speeches were over the GAU Chancellor, Serhat Akpinar, led the guests to the exhibition hall where the photography exhibits were very tastefully displayed around the room.

All of the items on display were first class and a delight to see but there are always the ones that appeal to different tastes and one in particular caught my eyeSamanbahce by Mehmet Gökyiğit which was a beautiful scene of the Samanbahçe area in Lefkoșa by Mehmet Gökyiğit and we met him during our tour of the exhibition and complimented him on his beautiful picture.   Chris was very interested in this particular exhibit as he had visited the Samanbahçe area on many occasions and taken many photographs Mehmet Gökyiğit - Photographerhimself for an article written some time ago for a local newspaper.  This is something he has wanted to reproduce on our website and it will be published again shortly with a slideshow with a selection of the pictures he has taken.  More of the work of Mehmet Gökyiğit and other photographers can be seen on his association’s website at www.kktcfoder.com

There is so much going on in North Cyprus and this was yet another example of the way in which this country is developing.  For an embargoed country I think it does rather well!

By Margaret Sheard


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