January 30, 2023

IACBE Accredits the programs of the GAU Business Programs 

USA International Assembly for College Business Education has accredited the Associate Degree, Undergraduate and Graduate programs of the GAU Business Faculty Programs.

4 Associates Degree, 7 Undergraduate and 5 Graduate Programs under the Girne American University (GAU) Cyprus-Girne Campus and Faculty of Business and Economy, are accredited by IACBE until 2018.

Girne American University Associates Degree, Undergraduate and Graduate Business Programs were initially accredited in 2002 then recently extended until 2018 by the IACBE – International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.

Following the 3 days of auditing and accreditation meetings held in September 2012 in the Girne American University (GAU) Cyprus-Girne Campus Chancellor’s Office, the accreditations granted were communicated mıllenıum smlby the world’s leading business education; the authority of IACBE science commission board via official letter in regard to the Girne American University Associates Degree, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. It has also been declared that the IACBE accreditation of GAU will be officially announced in the annual conference of  IACBE to be held in Orlando, Florida on April 2013.

4 Associates Degree, 7 Undergraduate and 5 Graduate Programs in Business Field accredited by IACBE

Further explanation regarding  the topic forwarded by the deanship of Business and Economy Faculty has stated that the full membership status of GAU has been announced at the annual meeting held in Kansas City of Missouri province in USA on April 2012 and also the contribution which the IACBE full membership provides to the student development and also underlined that this accreditation is indeed a significant status and reference for the higher education system and universities of Northern Cyprus.

Girne American University Business and Economy Faculty is the only Northern Cyprus and Turkish Universities to be granted the Accreditation by the USA and US Official Accreditation Institutions

IACBE which is recognized by the USA Higher Education and Accreditation Board CHEA has emphasized that their aim of establishing goals are to make decision of providing safety, quality for the higher education and significantly in International Business IACBE Accreditededucation and to be accredited and certified and be the auditor and leader in the main fields of common curriculum used worldwide and also to make decisions to increase the quality in education for  its slogan being “Incentive for Perfectionism in International Business Education”. Also in the statement it has been underlined that the auditing of the IACBE covers the overseas university campuses, international academic cooperation protocols, scientific productions, academic staff, academic programs, sectoral powers and relations and physical infrastructure together with technology orientated higher education systems.

For being accredited and certified by the IACBE in departments of 2 year associates degree programs of Banking and Insurance, Marketing, Accounting and Business, 4 years undergraduate programs in Banking and Finance, Marketing, Accounting, MIS, Business, International Business, Economy and graduate programs in Finance Management, Marketing, MIS, Business and International Business, it significantly shows the difference of GAU in the field of Business. Also in the statement it was emphasized that GAU is the only university amongst North Cyprus and Turkish universities to be accredited by ECBE in Business programs and being certified by the official accreditation institutions of USA and Europe.

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