January 31, 2023

GAU Commences Pilot Education in Compliance with World and EU Standards

Higher school of Aviation of Girne American University (GAU) has added new pilot education to the academic program in response to the professional necessities of that sector.

The GAU Pilot education program which is the one and only amongst the TRNC universities, accepts students and will commence education in an aim to educate individuals in the field of the aviation sector and raise and educate individuals to pave the way for the information.

The student candidates will be granted with TC SHGM and JAR FCL PPL, CPL certified or ATPL diplomas and certificates after thegau havacılık sml pilot education and other educations provided in undergraduate or GAU Continuous Education Center. Also  it has been announced that the program of GAU Aviation and Flight is aimed to be situated in TRNC Ercan Airport in the 2012-2013 academic year.

Apart from a detailed mock-up in respect of the flight orientated education and motivation simulator, education in compliance with the world standards will also be provided by GAU Higher school of Aviation. GAU Aviation Management program is accredited by Council of Higher Education as “Civil Aviation Transportation Management” in the context of expanding the program.   Those students who will be granted with a globally recognized pilot program diploma will be served with world and EU standard education.

For detailed information on GAU pilot education please see www.gau.edu.tr or call Students Affairs Office through 650 20 00. Student candidates can also receive detailed information about the application requirements from GAU Cyprus-Girne Campus Higher school of Aviation Directorate.

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