March 27, 2023

GAU Announcement:

The Postgraduate and Doctorate Placements 

GAU has been accredited as one of 100 best universities in higher education by the official accreditation and auditing institution “Eduniversal” after practicing for 27 years in GAU logohigher education, and GAU has announced that it commenced new registration admissions for postgraduate and doctorate programs.

GAU also announced that besides postgraduate and doctorate programs, which are accredited by The Council of Higher Education and Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council, also the online postgraduate programs have commenced to be applied by the student candidates.

GAU which also continues to educate with the postgraduate programs, which have been accredited and certified by Eduniversal, IACBE and other leading institutions, announced that it will accept student admissions to 31 postgraduate and 10 doctorate programs in the 2012-2013 Spring semester under GAU Cyprus – Girne Campus.

Study subjects at GAU:

European Union Studies, Press, Computer Engineering, Computer and Education of Teaching Technologies, Counseling Psychology, Marine, Transportation and Logistics, Marine and Port Management, Education Management and Auditing, Program Development in Education and Teaching,

Economy, Electric and Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Financial Management, Public Relations, Logistics of Aviation Transportation, Law, Interior Architecture, English Language Teaching, Human Resources Management, Business GAU TECNOPARK smlManagement, Cultural Heritage Management, Architecture, Secondary education Branch Teaching, Marketing, Health Psychology, Health Management, Social Psychology, Communal Gender Studies.

Tourism and Hospitality Management, Turkish Language and Literature Teaching, Turkish Education, International Marine Commerce Law, International Relations, International Management, International Management Law, Structure Management, Management Business Management, Management Informatics Systems are the postgraduate programs which are available for student admissions.

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