February 6, 2023

Royal British Legion – Kyrenia Branch – Royal Baby’s Tote

RBLNews just received from the Royal British Legion, Kyrenia RBL LogoBranch is of a fundraising Tote event being run on the expected Royal Baby Delivery. Let’s help those that help others by supporting this great event.

 The Royal Baby’s Delivery TOTE

Will’s & Kate’s Pregnant Poser – make your choice & WIN!

The world is buzzing with the expectation of a new royal baby for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The international media is debating whether the Royal couple will have a new Prince or Kate Albert HallPrincess and await the birth with happy anticipation. So, here is an opportunity to join in the fun and undertake some guess work of your own whilst doing some good for the RBL cause, which is supporting injured or damaged Service Personnel, or their dependents, in their time of need.

The winner will reap half the takings as a reward for guessing the correct details of the birth and the baby who will be third in line to the British Throne, whether it’s a  girl or boy.

All you need to do is guess the date and time of birth; and the weight of the baby at birth, plus as a decider should there be a draw by selecting the right first name (s), one for a boy, one for a girl.

Entry Forms can be obtained by e-mail at events@rblkyrenia.com or from the RBL Stall at the Lambousa Saturday Market; likewise entries Wills at the Cenotaphcan be posted via the same routes.  The cost is 5TL to validate each entry.  The person with the most correct or nearest answers on all sections will win half of the takings. In the event of a tie i.e. the same guesswork and name, the prize will be shared equally.

It is anticipated that a special Birthday Party will be organised by the RBL to celebrate the arrival of the new Prince or Princess when the Adjudicating Panel will announce the winner(s) of the Tote; remember it’s a Winner Takes Half  guessing game (shared equally if it’s a tie) with the other half going to the RBL Services Charity.

British Service Personnel in danger on the Front Line

Only this week we have been reminded of an example of the vital work the Royal British Legion may be asked to do.  As this piece goes to press, news has arrived from Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham, in the English Midlands, of a soldier of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment who has died from wounds incurred in Afghanistan.  This brings the total to 440, the number of British Service personnel who have been killed in that troubled country since the present campaign Afghanistan Casualty Statisticsbegan in 2001.  Personal details of the brave soldier have yet to be released, but his close family can be assured of the support, in many forms, of the Royal British Legion.  This is a reminder of the work being carried out by the RBL since the end of the First World War, entirely funded by public subscription, with help of dedicated volunteers.  Another statistic that underlines the need for the RBL and other Service Charities is the fact that as of today (16th January 2013) 6,247 British Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and RAF personnel have been repatriated home from Afghanistan through injury or sickness.

So go on, get going,  grab the Royal Baby Game and guess!  You could pick up a tidy sum, whilst at the same time relieving the suffering of our injured service people, or their dependents, should they need it.  Good luck.

Watch out for news in the local media for the date of the RBL Royal Birthday Party.

The Royal British Legion: Standing shoulder to shoulder with those who Serve.

Ooyal British Legion…………..2c  Remembrance Day 2011 - Kim Tyler The RBL Standard Bearer at restRBL Logo

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