January 29, 2023

New Wing Opens at Girne State Hospital

By Margaret Sheard.

On Tuesday, 15th January, there was an official opening of the new wing at Girne State HoSpeech by Mr İrsen Kűçűkspital and this was attended by many local dignitaries, contributors and well-wishers, together with some of the doctors and nurses from the hospital.

The Prime Minister – Mr İrsen Kűçűk, the Minister of Health – Dr Ertuğrul Hasipoğlu, and the Head Doctor – Dr Salih Beyoğlu all gave a speMinister of Health - Dr Ertuğrul Hasipoğluech in Turkish and generally the message was how this type of event brings the community closer together, the new improvements being introduced by the Government and the appreciation of the personal help which is being received.

Speech by Dr Salih BeyoğluAfter the speeches, awards were given to the people and organisations who had contributed and helped to achieve this very welcome addition to the hospital and I am sure they were so proud of their support for this wonderful project.  These were:-

Ramadan Cemil İşletmeleri Proctor & Gamble (Ramadan Cemil İşt)
Műzzeyen Öztűrker (Tűrkiye Halk Bankası) Limasol Tűrk Kooperatif Bankası
Fuat Tosun (KKTC Din İşleri Başkanlığı) Özyűksel Möble

Girne Amerikan Űniversitesi 

Aşan Nakliyat

Merit Hotel    

Mepaş Ltd

Fergűn Denizcilik

Emtan İnşaat Şti

Martina Cole – Bestseller Bookshop

Mike Plant – Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services

Girne Akdeniz Lions Kűlűbű

North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust

The time then came for the viewing of the new wing and whOne of the new wardsat a marvellous sight met our eyes, gleaming floors, pristine wards and treatment rooms.  A lot of thought had been given to the decor of the wards which was very soothing and there were nice covers on the beds complemented by mauve pillowcases and sheets, everything looked so clean and fresh and I would think the first patients to use these facilities would feel very comfortable and relaxed in these lovely new surroundings.

Everyone was making their way around the many new wards and treatment rooms which had plaques noting the person or orMartina Cole and the ward with her nameganisation who had sponsored it and amongst those we noted a room in the name of Martina Cole and another in the name of Girne American University as well as all of the other Contributors to this new wing. Gradually the crowds lessened and it was nice to be able to amble around looking at all of the facilities, the lovely reception area and beautiful paintings on the walls before we made our way downstairs to the hospitality room where there was coffee, tea and nice little cakes and savouries.

It was here that we met up with Dr Sualp Davut and Dr Asım Vehbi from Girne American University which was one oDr Asim Vehbi (left) and Dr Sualp Davut (GAU)f the organisations presented with an award, and Mike & Brenda Plant and Jenny Tyler from Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services along with Martina Cole, Mike and Martina also received an award as did Angela Hasman from the North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust.  These are the people we know and try to support as much as possible, but of course there were the many others who received awards for their contribution and although we do not know them personally thanks are given to them for their support of our local hospital.

People were eventually starting to leave and we ventured to find a little more information about the Contributors to this new addition to the hospital and luckily we were able to have a few words with Dr Özdemir Berova, President of the Cyprus Turkish Medical Association, who so kindly assisted us in our quest and before long he had provided  us with the information we were looking for, what a lovely gesture A new wardfrom, I am sure, a very busy man and he also found time to share with us some future plans for the hospital which is to extend the emergency room and dialysis area.   This is what I really like about North Cyprus where, in most cases, no matter what position people hold they are quite happy to speak to you.  I had come across this previously when, following a brief meeting with a very high ranking Government official, he took time at another event to come across, shake hands and ask how I was.

So, well done and thanks to all who contributed to this project and may Girne State Hospital have many more of these improvements for the benefit of all who live here.


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