May 31, 2023

Sergey Eletskikh sings a song of love

“I don’t need anything in this world”

Many of our local readers may have met SergeySergey Eletskikh  Eletskikh who is a very active person in the Russian community and other communities and not only has a love of life and Cyprus history but also music and singing.

Margaret and I have enjoyed a number of occasions when his brother Alexander has visited him and they then have entertained their Russians friends with beautiful and sometimes very funny folk songs.

In this video Sergey is singing a song that is about 100 years old and entitled I don’t need anything in this world” and we have given a translation of the song below to give an impression of the beautiful and haunting Russian lyrics.

I don’t need anything in this world

“In this world I don’t need anything, when I fall in love I am ready to give my everything,

There is only one thing that makes me happy.

This is to love and caress you.

I am listening to the fairy tales when you are telling them, I am looking into your sparkling eyes and I want to say that I love you.

I love you too my honey, you are the dearest person for me, I love your red lips and your shining smile.

I love your beautiful hair, I love it so much that my words are never enough. If you let me kiss you only once, after this I am ready to die.”

A very nice song with lovely words and we hope to be able to bring you more of Sergey’s songs soon.

By Chris Elliott

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