February 5, 2023

KAR and their new Glad Rags Shop 

Recently passing through Karakum I stopped to have a look at the new premises of Kyrenia Animal Rescue and what a lovely place they now have, with a large office area on the ground floor and upper floor.  There is still much to be done but they are now working from these new premises and it is such an improvement and very accessible with good Kar parking front and rear.

We were interested to learn that the room just off the office area on the ground floor is to be a new quality clothing shop with the name “Glad Rags”  and this part of the operation will be opening on Friday 18th January at 9am.  The shop will be selling good quality ladies and men’s clothes together with linens and other household items and it will be open to the public Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.  There is a fitting room so you can try on any of the clothes you may fancy buying.

The new shop will be well worth a visit and it may be a good opportunity to find some winter bargains or even start kitting yourself out for the warmer weather.

The KAR premises also have a basement which is to be converted into a veterinary clinic, there is still work to be done here but it is a very large area and when the conversion is completed it will fulfil Margaret Ray’s dream for many years of having this type of facility to complement all of the KAR aims to make life better for the animals of North Cyprus.   Of course, all of this needs funding and KAR will be so pleased to receive any donations  to achieve their goals.

By Margaret Sheard


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