January 29, 2023

Lapta Municipality Darts Tournament

Berke Ertopaloĝlu of the Lapta Municipality is a very busy Dartboardand energetic man and as well as the recent cycle challenges and a Chess Tournament he was instrumental in arranging a Darts Tournament on Sunday 23rd December which was held at Olive Paradise Holiday Village in Lapta.

This was a very successful event, sponsored by Lapta Municipality and Olive Paradise Holiday Village There were 32 players taking part and the results are now published of the winners of this very enjoyable Tournament.Cups for the winners


1. Tanser Tilki

2. Erkan Canbolat

3. Özkan Akıncı

Finishing the game with the lowest number of darts was Tony – 14 darts

Finishing the game with the highest number was Erkan Canbolat – 154

Finishing the game with the highest score was Tanser Tilki – 180 x 3

So, another good event from the Lapta Municipality and don’t forget their Garden Competition is now open to entrants who can register up until 1st February 2013.

By Margaret Sheard

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