January 29, 2023

Sounds of Christmas at the Mountain View Hotel, TRNC

It is now some five busy months since Margaret and I started our website http://www.cyprusscene.com The Christmas Singersand then we switched our efforts from newspapers to this to concentrate fully on a news and reviews media that was rapidly attracting great interest from all around the world as well as from the local communities.

So it was with Christmas in sight that we relaxed this past Sunday and spent time together getting out the Christmas decorations and getting into the mood by playing Christmassy music and songs while we worked.

We are finding increasingly that we are using picture slideshows, videTap Dancing Troupeos and sound tracks within our articles which are time-consuming to produce but we believe invaluable as perhaps they make our site somewhat different to the others which are all following a very predictable format and approach to conveying the local news.

When we went to the Auntie Plantie production of the Christmas Sing-along at the Mountain View Hotel a few wFriends Line Dancerseeks ago, apart from taking lots of photos, we also recorded the songs, speeches and so we decided to write this article to enable those that went or did not make it to the event, relive the mood of the evening by listening to some of the songs and carols the singers and line dancers performed to.  Please take time to relive and hear those moments  with us by clicking here.

Today is Christmas Day and we send this message with our warmest greetings and best wishes for 2013 to all our readers.

 By Chris Elliott

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