January 31, 2023

A History of Winemaking

Having made homemade wine in my youth and having been to a number of talks give by Keith Lloyd, I knew I was in for an enjoyable evening and decided A History Of Wineto learn more of the ancient art of winemaking from his lips.

So on a dark evening I drove out of Kyrenia to the Kings Bar, Esentepe and found a very friendly and attentive crowd of people waiting for this premier talk to be given by Keith and, as I expected, it was of his usual high standard of presentation and fascination.

The subject is vast, ancient (Winemaking being at least a 9,000 year old tradition), and widely open to interpretation. So for me to describe in a few words the scope of this talk is unrealistic but I hope through the photographs I have taken of Keith’s slides you will understand and get an appreciation of his extensive research and preparation and perhaps one Georgia BC 7,000day he may be persuaded to place a sample of his work on the internet for our readers to enjoy.

This talk was the more interesting as Cyprus, Turkey and Greece were given some prominence in the presentation as they were early producers or importers of wine. As we know from our knowledge of the Kyrenia Shipwreck housed in the ancient Kyrenia Castle, this craft dating from c.300BC is known to have been carrying up to 300 Amphora of Wine from the island Kingdom of Rhodes. 

This evening’s entertainment was sponsored by Cape Wines from Çatalköy and everybody had a free glass of South African wine of their choice and the opportunity of sampling some other very interesting and tasty wines. The evening was even more enjoyable with a splendid selection of cheese, biscuits and fruit provided by the Kings Bar.

The evening’s entertainment was also intended to help raise funds for The Royal British Legion Afghanistan Casualty Statisticsto support their work in helping injured Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Air Force personnel, or their dependents and a total of 270tl was received by the Kyrenia Branch RBL representative and Vice Chair, Les Evans.

So, as was expected, this turned out to be a very interesting and entertaining evening and heartfelt thanks should be given to Keith Lloyd, Cape Wines and the Kings Bar for making it a huge success and word has it that another talk by Keith is being planned for January.

For those that prefer the taste of beer on their palate do read Keith’s “History of Beer” by clicking here

By Chris Elliott


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