September 30, 2023

A Phoenix trip to Turkey

Since we started our blog website we have had a lot of readers both at home and abroad wanting to share news and information with us and where we can we have published for our readers to enjoy, and it was with great delight that we received the following news of the North Cyprus, Phoenix Line Dance Club’s visit to Turkey.

“Phoenix Line Dance Club On Tour – 2nd to 9th November 2012″

“A group of sixteen members and friends flew to Antalya before travelling on to Çolaklı on the Turkish Riviera to enjoy a week’s holiday. Çolaklı is situated approximately 8 miles to the west of Side, a town well known for its archaeological ruins.

The trip was organised by Steve & Denise Bisson together with the help of their line dancing friends from Ankara, Őzgűr and Műrűvvet Takaç. The holiday was arranged to include line dance workshops and to take the opportunity to visit the many attractions in the area.

The flight to Antalya on the evening of Friday 2nd November was trouble free and the group arrived on time at 10.15pm where they were met by an old friend, Űnal Gűngőr – a travel agent, who had arranged the coach transfer to the Grand Pearl Hotel in Çolaklı. The hotel provided an excellent all-inclusive service with three meals a day, plus afternoon tea/coffee and cakes, plus a mid-night snack of soup and/or dinner with meat and vegetables. Being all-inclusive meant that all local drinks were available until mid-night – so at 15 minutes to mid-night it was possible to obtain a stock of drinks to take us through to the wee small hours!

List of people that made the trip:

Steve Bisson                                              Ann Challis

Denise Bisson                                           David Challis

Liz Richardson                                        Pam Hills

David Richardson                                     Denise Umpleby

Rita Hepp                                                  Kathy Konuralp

René Schön                                               Özdemir Konuralp

Arnold Lodge                                            Ahmet Mono

Carole Lodge                                            Ayşe Mono

At the hotel the group were met by their friends, Őzgűr and Műrűvvet, who had travelled down by bus from Ankara together with 3 year old daughter, Belinay, and four friends. On Saturday the group were joined by Corrie and Leo De Roo who had flown in from Amsterdam to take part in the many activities. So all in all, the group comprised of 25 people.

Line dance workshops were held each evening before dinner on the hotel pool terrace. After dinner, the group were able to practice the dances they had been taught in the bar area much to the pleasure of the other residents – mainly Russian and German tourists enjoying the last days of the Turkish summer.”

What a fascinating holiday these guys had and also they were able to share and enjoy their love for Line Dancing and we have included their favourite tune and a selection of their pictures that can only whet your appetite perhaps to visit some of the places they went to. Thank you to Steve and Denise and your group for sharing this great story and for the support you give to local charities.

Please click here to see the the Phoenix Line Dance Club performing as only they can. Who knows, once you have seen this you may want to take up line dancing…  and if you click here you will hear their favourite song to get you in the mood.

By Chris Elliott

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