January 29, 2023

Trevors Tips – OCTOBER 2012

We are pleased to have received a very comprehensive set of TIPS from Trevor this month and if you require any further information, call him on 0533 844 3403

“Temporary Residency”

Having visited the Immigration Department since the last news round, I can now confirm they have never offered a three [3] year period upon renewing any Temporary Residency and have no plans to do so.

However, for the over 60s, all renewals can now be applied for without going to the main police station nearest to where you live, you go directly to the Ministry Office, making the whole process a much more simple task.

The documents which [for the over 60s] you need when making your application, are as follows:

         Your current passport and a copy of your last residency stamp.

         A copy of your latest bank statement.

         A Muhtar’s letter, which has been signed in the last three [3] months.

         A copy of your Kocan/rental agreement, but only if you have moved residence since the last application.

         1 x 8.5 TL postage stamp, per application

         Your blue/pink kimlik card.

 You will be handed a form to complete whilst there, which is the same form as the one which was completed by the police whilst making your previous application[s] at the police station.

We went through the whole process taking only 40 minutes to complete, including waiting for our turn in the small queue.

Permanent Residency

The TRNC Government have decided to allow non-citizens, the opportunity to apply for Permanent Residency.

The criteria are:

         You must be over the age of sixty [60] years.

         You must have a minimum of five continuous years living in the T R N C supported by Temporary Residence stamps.

         All residence stamps must be consecutive. Any break in previous Temporary Residency applications will mean that you must start all over again in order to meet  criteria.

         The earliest you can make your application is when applying for your sixth [6] iTemporary Residency application.

When making your application you will need to take with you the following documents:

          Your passport and a copy of the last Temporary Residence stamp, with a copy of the photo page from your current passport.

         A copy of your criminal record, which you must obtain from the police department here in the TRNC.

         A copy of your in’s and out’s, again from your local main police station, or from a border control point.

         A copy of your bank statement showing pension payments made to you.

         A copy of your sales contract, Title Deeds, or rental agreement.

         A copy of your marriage certificate, if applicable.

         A copy of your birth certificate showing the names of your father and mother.

When making your application, the Immigration Office will help you complete the application form whilst there.

Your Permanent Residency application will take up to six [6] months to come through.

The current cost of Permanent Residency is 1486 T L.

The Government is currently considering whether applicants will need to submit recent blood test results and an x-ray as part of the application. Watch this space for more information.

The Benefits

The benefits of Permanent Residency are two [2] fold.

1.    There will be no need to go through the Temporary Residency application procedure every two [2] years. However, with the simplified process now in operation, this tiresome procedure has been reduced significantly in terms of time to complete.

2.    It may help you when going through border control?

There are no other benefits in gaining Permanent Residency, as yet!!!

The current department opening hours are, Monday to Thursday 0830 – 1430 and Friday 0830 – 1230 and 1415 – 1600.

Motor insurance

Many of you have made comment that car insurance is more expensive here than in the U K! Well here are two comparisons to ponder over.                                                                                                                       

VEHICLE                    VALUE                                         UK            DAĞLI SİGORTA

TOYOTA AVENSIS    £12,000.00                 

FORD FIESTA          £7,000.00                   

POLICY ELEMENTS                   

FULLY COMPREHENSİVE                                          YES                    YES

WINDSCREEN COVER                                                 NO                     YES

BREAKDOWN RECOVERY                                          NO                     YES

BORDER CROSSING RECOVERY                               N/A                    YES


ACCIDENTAL TYRE DAMAGE                                     NO                     YES


UNDER AUTHORISED REPAIR]                                 NO                     YES

ACCIDENT EXCESS                                                       YES                     NO

TOYOTA                                                                       £150.00                 N/A

FIESTA                                                                         £100.00                 N/A

2 YEAR REPAIR WARRANTY                                      NO                     YES

RENEWAL POLICY INCREASE                                  YES                     NO


TOYOTA                                                                        £716.00             £375.00

FIESTA                                                                         £345.00             £280.00

With most insurance companies, there are no upper or lower age restrictions, unlike in the U K.

Your insurance premiums usually remain unaffected if caught driving whilst over the alcohol limit.

Dagli Sigorta does not load the renewal premium if an accident claim is made on your current policy, unlike in the U K.

Road Traffic Offences

If the police department catch you flaunting the Road Traffic Laws whilst driving, the officer in question will stop you and issue an appropriate ticket. Do not pay the officer, but take your ticket to the main police department nearest to where you live, pay the fine and you will be given a receipt as proof of payment and they will log your payment  as paid.     

Hours of Opening for Chemists

Please note that chemist opening hours for the winter period is as follows.

Monday to Friday 08.00 – 18.30 hours

Saturdays  08.00 – 13.30 hours.

See below for the late night chemist rota.

Bayram/ holidays for October

Please note Bayram holidays in October where banks, schools and local/national Government offices will be closed for the day, are listed below.          

25th to 28th inclusive – Kurban Bayramı

29th – Cumhuriyet Bayram

Chemist late night opening hours for October

Please note chemist late night opening hours for the winter period has changed to:-

Monday to Friday 08.00 – 18.30 hours

Saturdays 08.00 – 13.30 hours”.

For other opening times see  Chemist Rota – October 2012  

 By Chris Elliott


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  1. We have received the following question via Facebook and will investigate and reply ASAP.
    With regard to the Temp Residency, us under 60s are still somewhat in the dark though, especially if we are blood donors. I have to start the process on the original 3 week process at the end of the month. However, I know that as a blood donor, if I have given 3 times in the last 12 months and the last donation was within a month of renewal I don’t need a blood test, but no one has said how to get the results or from where for the donated blood, or if we still have to have the x ray and if so how much this will be without the blood test. Be good if someone out there could clarify it. Bad enough we are labelled unclean for being under 60 but the least they could do is let us know what is expected.

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